That moment or feel when?


you get pads you have been needing for over a month

finally hitting that gutwrenchingly hard trick

you win states (its almost indescribable, kind of a mix of joy, confusion, and awe)

you find out you have all day to yoyo ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

When you hit the yoyo to the ground and see there’s no ding.

When your yoyo hits the ground, there’s no ding, but you smell this funky burning smell if you take a sniff at your yoyo…smell lasts about 30 seconds.

You throw your first real high end.

YYO Dashers… oh my goodness yes

When the Motorcycle trick goes perfectly wrong after attempting multiple times to do it successfully.

When you hit a trick on your first attempt and then you cant hit hundred times. Lol.

You can’t leave it because you have done it you can’t do it because you can’t do it.

when your string breaks and you watch your yoyo roll down the street…

when your waiting all day for the mailman to come and then you realize that its a federal holiday…

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… When you pull your yoyo out of your pocket, do a strong side throw immediately, and your yoyo bites you…

… Safety throw first, guys!

When you get a tight knot in a new string, just to replace it afterwards.

When you can’t listen to your bearing. Super silent.

When your yoyo is in the mailbox a day early :smiley:

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When you finally land the truck that’s stumped you for ages. (For me it was sea-sick.)

Yeah I also find difficulty in landing trucks.

I was working on a truck earlier today…was difficult, frustrating, and messy. But I finally got it going :stuck_out_tongue:

When you get a strong hold on looping. Its a ninja feel.

‘‘Inside loop outside loop.’’


When you do a trick, bind and get a snag, but you remember to do a safety throw before killing yourself. After you do the safety throw and bind, you do a breakaway and still knock yourself in the head.

You watch world champs (specifically Takeshi and Iori) and wish you could meet or even be like them. :stuck_out_tongue: