That moment when your yo-yoing and..........


that moment when your yo-yoing and…


you die.

(Erik Kerber ) #3

You ding it.


…you realize people have stopped to watch you. That’s the moment you get a knot.

(Amplified) #5

…and someone asks you to rap a freestyle.

(this ever happen to anyone else?)


… You do a bad bind so the yoyo smacks you hand, or your face, or your elbow…


That moment when you’re yo-yoing and you post this on the YYE Forum


Dat moment when you fail a trick and everybody goes WOW! THAT WAS AMAZING! smacks face


That moment when you’re yo-yoing and somebody asks you to do walk-the-dog on cement with your brand new metal throw.


The string breaks.


You demonstrate what unresponsive is and the yoyo somehow turns responsive


Clean your bearings.


you need to set it down and watch the youtube video again.


You do rock the baby (because they ask) and it blows their mind, then you do ladder escape and they seem unimpressed. Kills me a little inside.


The silicone goes flying out of one side of the Yoyo when you throw it down :frowning: it happens Wayy to often for me.


Leave the yoyo for 24 hours after you silicone it.


That moment when you get a knot and your mom calls you for dinner.

(Erik Kerber ) #18

Oh I hate that it happens to me all the time.


That moment when your showing somebody a trick but you have a bad throw and you bind it and they think the bind was a cool trick


When you knot your bearing unknowingly, throw it down, and it nearly smacks your face.