That moment when...

That moment when…

Finish the sentence with something yoyo related that happened to you.

Mine are

The counterweight hits you in the head and you are glad you changed it from a dice to a bouncy ball that morning.


When you land a awesome trick but miss the bind/catch.

That moment when you made up an awesome trick then forgot it… sigh…

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That moment when people ask you I you can walk the dog and you have to refrain yourself from punching them in the face


I don’t understand why people hate that so much… Non-yoyoers don’t know any better, just say “I’ll walk the dog… ON MY ARM” and do an arm grind and they go WOAH, and it’s over… Y’all gotta put on a show :wink:

That moment when…you suspect that you’ve done a lousy bind. Instead of checking, you throw an eyebrow splitting full throttle breakaway!

does 30-second super trick combo
audience looks at you confused
does Rock the Baby for 30 seconds
all round applause

Boingy boing clicks.


That moment when non yoyoers think your yoyo is fake or has a motor. I’ve been asked like 3 times, and had to take it apart and let them try it to convince them :expressionless:

That moment when your distracted and you let the yoyo go up in the air and you flinch thinking it will hit you.
Happens to me once in a while.

That moment when you let some random 7-year old throw your brand new yoyo just because they asked nicely. And the world doesn’t end!!

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That moment when you bind and find you have a knot without having done absolutely anything for it to be there


EXACTLY!!! rages and breaks computer jk but I feel ya on dat