People who don't do it, don't get it.

I’ve had family members and friends that talk to me and I mention yoyos or make a yoyo reference and I get completely blank stares from them. Any good suggestion to get rid of the yoyo ignorance? (They didn’t even know there were yoyo competitions…)

I’m not good enough to do any real showing off yet, so I’m at the point where I seem like a dork to everyone that knows I yoyo. How long does it take to get out of that stage?

And if anyone has a review for the BigYo, that’d be awesome :smiley:

well if you get the brain twister trick down real well that’s about where it ends and every one is amazed. well i have a big yo and its great but really its only good for some simple tricks for 1a. how ever for 4a i wouldn’t recommenced anything other than the big yo. its hard to do trick like double or nothing but with practice you will be able to do it. over all i would give it a 3 out of 10 for 1a play and a 9 out of 10 for offstring play. later.

Keep it spinning™

yeah i get the “yoyo, really!?” face all the time! then followed by “can u do walk the dog?” its drives me nuts! i just drop cold fusion on mcbrides! n they are like! wow!!! bit i feel split the atom still gets the best response! not the hardest trick but to the yoyo ignorant it works a treat! lol

I still get that but then I bust out some long combos of like five tricks then they don’t say yoyos are stupid or anything. Or they try and epic fail then I do a regen then their quite.

Yeah…just drop the big WB-Bomb.

(White Buddha)…they will be speechless. One really old lady around 60 walked up to me in walmart one day and asked if I could do walk the dog. So I showed her kindly, then I just said “and I can do lots of other stuff, like this” then I did White Buddha…she was absolutely in aw. :smiley:

What I do is when they give me blank stares is I rub in their ignorance to the world and do a McBride, after they are done wowing me they ask “can you walk the dog” and I’m like 'Do you think I can’t?" and I throw a minute long sleeper. Its pretty funny ;D.

I do not understand people’s amazement to walking the dog… I don’t see how they’re impressed by it so much or why they think it’s hard to do. Can anyone explain that?

I think its because they dont know that yoyos can sleep.

I think its cuz walk the dog is the only trick that the general public know…

The walk the dog thing. Ugg it is annoying. I also get the blank stares/“you’re weird” from people, but most of those people have ended up borrow either my Brain or Stealth Fire and having fun with it. Then they ask about walk the dog and I do it quickly. Then I do whatever trick I feel like doing, or I just throw a nice sleeper and while that’s sleeping I try to help them do a real throw instead of them throwing it with their hand upside-down from what it should be. =)

Yea the only trick the public knows is walk the dog. They don’t even know what it’s called when you do a gravity pull. It’s pretty disappointing :-.

Gonna learn to bind soon and set my yoyo to unresponsive so the people that stare at me can look like idiots… ;D I never knew real names before I got into yoyoing but I knew what I wanted to see and it wasn’t ‘walk the dog’. The public is slightly (okay, very) disappointing in the yoyo ignorance…

Yeah today we had about 8 minutes left in math so I just pulled my yo-yo, which before everyone just said (oh a yoyo what a dork you have no life) then i did a combo and one spectator, who was really skeptical of me was open mouthed, and said “do it again.” thrice. then for the rest of the class period i was stuck entertaining my class.

a lot of people ask me to do walk th dog at my school it is really annoying but
one day a miracle happened a random kiid came up and sain can you do ladder escape and just
yelled “thank you god”

I love when people are like

“Man, I can do that, Let my see that yoyo!”

So I hand over my DM and just grin. They give it a poor throw and then flip when it wont come back up.

"“ITs broken! Whats wrong with this yoyo!”

Its great

that has happened to countless times
it is also funny to say that they can do better
and then they dont even get the yoyo up
and say you just got lucky so then i will do another combo or a complicated trick

I made that mistake with a friend’s but realized that it was just unresponsive. Then I set it back to responsive, (Velocity) and ended up playing a trick on my friend who didn’t check before he started to play again… :wink:

I remember when I did a speech for school over yoyoing. Afterwards, people were asking to borrow my yoyos and I only had my Brain, Spinmaster 2, and SpinFaktor so I was telling people that they could use the Brain because they wouldn’t be able to use the other two (and i was using the Spinmaster). Then the teacher asked to see the Spinmaster and I basically said no you won’t be able to use it. He thought I was calling him stupid. Then he tried to get it back up and thought he broke it. Then he tried winding it like we used to be able to do and still thought it was broken. Then I showed him how to do it and he asked to see the Brain. =P

When I was doing my Talent SHow AUdition for school, the other competitors (ladies of course) asked see my yo-yo. the just let it go down, pulled it up and of courseit went flying up still spinning (unresponsive) and they jsut crouched in fear. Seeing my chance I caught it in a cool fashion and rolled it up the pro way. Many amazed faces.

People ask can I do walk the dog. Hearing that I do a hand grind and say

“I call that walk the parrot”

Ha that’s a good one. I’m going to have to try that with somebody. =)