You get frustrated when...

Here is a topic for things you get frustrated about when yoyoing.

First off is when you miss a bind causing a mint yoyo to smash on the cement.

When my tracking says out for delivery .
The mailman is across the street .
And then takes a good 1 hour break to eat lunch and talk on the phone, before coming to my house.

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When there’s no knot… But wait there is a not??? KNUCKLLLLLEEE BUSSSTEERRR!!

yeh been there, it wasn’t entirely mint but none of the dings had broken Anno yet, then bam, broke anno, but it was tiles instead of cement. Then I was told to be careful not to damage the tiles :expressionless:

Doing a trick that ends up with an axle knot. After you pick the knot and do a snap start, then you bind and discover next throw that you have ANOTHER axle knot.

It’s frustrating when I can hit my trick during casual play, but as soon as I step in front of a recording camera it’s as if it’s my first time ever attempting the trick. The camera has a magical ability to leech skill.

It’s frustrating when you’re trying to experiment with different moves and you discover nothing that’s worth keeping. Making tricks that look good is tough.

when you try playing 5A for the first time, and since your not used to catching the yoyo while holding the CW you bust you knuckles every throw :frowning: that hurt so bad in the beginning xD with a genesis with a few scratches… that hurt bad :smiley:

When I’m waiting for a sandwich at the deli , and decide to break out a quick combo. But when I reach for my yoyo I find out it’s knotted , And by the time I get the knot out my sandwich is done.

I am low on string, string on yoyo is 5 hours old from intense practice(lol) and then throwing hard and string snaps, and then the mint yoyo drops on the cement floor “walking the dog” and then hits random things in the process

pads are worn off,continuously bind but nothing happens and then your pads just come off the yoyo and then you attempt to bind again and it hastily returns to your hand and it hurts.

Or when you are going to a yoyo club meeting and cant find your favorite yoyo but right when you get back you find it…

When am learning a trick that produces a knot each and every throw until I figure out how to avoid it.

When my Majesty got it’s first two dings smashing into the concrete D:. It was bad…

Hehe, it actually got smoother though. ;D

When Zach Gormley messed up in worlds and knots in my string binding

When I get a trade that I rate as mint then a week later I notice a mark that I didn’t notice or wasn’t there when I got the yoyo.

When I get a knot in a yoyo I cannot unscrew and do not have a paper clip/something to take it out (Ex, some of the old CLYW’s that need to be tuned)


And when it says it’s been out for delivery since like 7:00 in the morning and it still doesn’t come until the next day. Hate that.

When you do a green triangle suicide and misss ;D ;D ;D

When my response pads come out or I throw a yoyo that has a snag and I git a booboo ;-(

When a knot “Magically” appears.

you are playing with a yoyo while waiting for your laundry to finish and the string breaks causing the yoyo to fly into a sewer drain. This didn’t happen but almost did today lol

for all the people complaining about “out for delivery” delays, what frustrates me is when a packages tracking says “Delivered” and it has not arrived, so you ring the P.O. and they say it’s been “delivered as addressed” then I say no it hasn’t or I’d be holding the bleeping thing then they say it has and they can’t even tell me who signed for MY package because that’s confidential information.

then you find out days later (by hunting it down yourself because Australia Post are completely useless) that because I live on a corner of 2 streets it was delivered 1/2 way up the wrong street at number 30 X-St instead of to my at number 30 Y-Terrace. Not to mention in-spite of it being addressed to me “Alexander” it was delivered to an ALL GIRLS PRIVATE SCHOOL.

sigh I always get rilled up thinking about that time…

When a friend takes your yoyo out of your backpack and throws it while sitting down and it hits the ground and dings. I didnt mind very much because its beat