your worst yoyo accident?


What was your worst yoyo accident? Did you hurt yourself, a friend or did you damage your most favorite/expensive throw

I just recently started learning 2A and after an attempt at two handed looping i cought one with my left (yay) and missed my right as it came and smacked me in the upper lip causeing my tooth to split the inside of my lip, but hey good news is my Sunset TJ’s are just fine :-\

(Cinimod105) #2

My worst accident for me was when I was trying looping when my Sunset Trajectory went straight for my eye. I got hit, although there was no bruising, but it sure did hurt… :’( Anyway, at that point in time, I had thought looping was just around-the-world on the inside. lol.
My worst accident for my yoyo was when I was using my plastic grind machine, doing around-the-world (again…) to chase my classmate out of my room in boarding school, when it hit the fan and from then on, the plastic around the bearing seat was out of shape, causing the yoyo to spin really irregularly and causing wobble. :frowning:

(yoyo jake) #3

mines with a sunset and i hit myself in the… you get the idea

(BB) #4

my fave crucial tres leche came unscrewed i lost a murcury bearing and it got all dented and viby i fixed the vibe :stuck_out_tongue:

(yo-bear(one and the same)) #5

body-went to throw an around the neck trapeze and the string missed my finger,so it poped my nose out of place and i had my friend pop it hurt AAAAAHH LOOOOOT!!!ill be honest,i


same happened to me, but with a legacy, and thats dr yoyo


Leaving my ILYY Fury on the area between the windshield and the hood of my car then realizing it’s there at 75 MPH. Watching it fly up the windshield and then off into oblivion.


My cousin asked me to walk the dog (eh) when they found out I got into yo-yoing … So I did and they tried to grab it while it was spinning and got a nasty black eye


serves him right for asking you to walk the dog, wish i knew how to do that and make it look like an accident, " :o should’na bin’ walkin’ the dog, ON YOUR FACE!!!"

did you pull over to go back and get it?

(Jamesofyoyo) #10

My little bro hit Mark McBride in the neck/torso area doing a 5a arial. Mark was laying down, my bro threw the yoyo and mis calculated it’s landing point. And it landed on Mark! It was epic!


I was Yoyoing in the Family Room, Playing with my YYF Frantic.
My Screw always gets Loose, and falls apart. So, I was trying this trick where the yoyo flops all around, just for fun. Then, when the yoyo was in the air, the Yoyo Fell Apart in Mid-Air, and 1 half went Flying in the Air, and right at that moment, my Step Dad was on the Couch, and he reached down to get his drink, and when his head was down, the Yoyo fell RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF HIS HEAD! “Ouu…” He said. My Step Dad can get Really Mad and Yells a lot, so I was afraid he would Tackle me and take my Yoyo away or something like that (Because my Step Dad HATES Yoyos) But, It turned out, I wasn’t in Trouble. I didn’t even get yelled at.
So, that was Over a Half year ago, and he STILL BRINGS IT UP!! Im A LOT Better Now, and everytime I bring a Yoyo in the Family Room, He Yells at me. XD
So, That was probably my Worst Yoyo Accident. :smiley:


my worst accident was that i was practicing doing boomerang, and therwas a lamp like 5 inches to the left, then i tried to get into elip hops when the string broke and flew right to the lamp. broken bulb. good news- my kickside is ok


i was doing boomerang with my DNA and the yoyo hit me in the chin. mostly the only place i get hit with my yoyo

(_|@<06) #14

Probly when I ran a grind up my arm (when i first got my hitman like a year ago) and it hit me and gave me a black eye.

either that or when it hit my hand and knocked my knuckle into a weird place and i couldnt throw for a few days


i was playing around with skinn the gerbail combos the yoyo poped off the string gave me a cut on my chin

another time i was doing horizontal play i didnt know my sister was right beside me i threw it smacked her on the face we both laughed so hard

and dont you find it werid when you randomly find blood on your yoyos :stuck_out_tongue:


Looping with my 900’s… Tangler + Multiple hits to the face = The buying of new glasses


when i was a beginner, i tried to do that thru the tunnel trick, and i hit my self square in the nuts.
and last month, i tried to play with my friends metal yo. {1st time i ever played with metal}. i hit my self in the head and got two stitchs fml


My two winded string yoyo (cheap metal 50p) split so I had to try and stop looping while catching the other string so it didn’t mess up.It did.

It went flying into my tv and broke it.Then the yoyo fell apart.



Luckily nothing serious…My most unfortunate mishap was when I was messing with my Raider and trying to do a brain twister out on the lawn. As you know, the plastic Yomegas tend to loosen during play and next thing I know, the Raider flies apart along with the bearing and the 2 spacers. I found the 2 yo-yo halves, and the 2 plastic spacers…no bearing. My mom was furious when she found out that I lost a piece to what was at the time a $25 yo-yo. This was probably back in 1997/98.

Other than that, I’ve gotten some close calls with nearby objects…I was attempting Shoot the Moon in my room and the yo-yo was inches away from hitting the pinball machine…which would have been epic fail. I’ve also gotten yo-yos stuck in trees from not watching how much clearance I had overhead when doing Around the world.


i had just got my sunset trajectory and i was playing around with it when i remembered seeing a video of andre doing shoot the moon. i tried it, and

amateur looper + shoot the moon = hit in the head.

also, i did a horrible bind and there was a knot in my string, and i threw the yoyo as hard as i could, and it hit my nonthrowhand, it hurt for days.