Whats your worst yoyo fail?

it could be dings, dents times you hit yourself, etc…

i used to have a yoyofactory skyline that came with a crap stock bearing, damaged the bearing seating trying to get it out, and made it super vibey, like insane levels. For a few months, it was the only yoyo I had. ended up dinging it to the point where it looked like it had steel rims.


Threw my brand new OD/SF SK directly into my driveway on the first throw awhile back.


Trying to strip the anno on my MYY Node and CZech Point after watching Dylan’s video when I first came back. It didn’t go as planned, we’ll say that much.


Not learning more tricks when I was younger… I feel like being an actual adult now makes it hard to find the time to learn new tricks, so I wish I had progressed more when I was initially learning tricks. Also I find it’s just generally harder to pick up new stuff and make progress the older I get. I don’t like the feeling of plateauing and that’s definitely happened with me - although I feel like I’m at a decent level, I definitely wish I was better.

Also not buying a hell of a lot more “classic” yoyos when they were just new releases and not considered legendary or classic yet (think Chief, Summit, etc).




They’re in the dumpster, long gone. Dylan didn’t mask the bearing seat or the threads so I didn’t either, it had only been a few months since I got back into the hobby. The drain cleaner basically ate away at the exposed parts of aluminum (threads) and faded the ano. So I couldn’t even put them back together.

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Collecting too many.


came to type that. :weary:

Though, the black eye caused by a broken string is up there.


Mine would be not stopping at an even 1000 yo-yos.

The good news is that I promised myself that I will, without fail, STOP at an even 2000!

Or at least close to it….


I got myself a nice black eye after a full power throw without realizing I had a snag.


The hit in my profile pic. Bad bind, throw out sideways full power, hit me in the face full power. Almost knocked me out. Have a nice scar to show for it by my eyebrow.


Nearly missed my eye on this one



this reminded me of a fail i still feel bad about to this day…

Was working in toy’s r us around summer 2000, I had been part time/full time off and on there for a few years between 97 and 2005.

So since that summer was just a two month gig at the time, i got put on greeter duty because I had the yoyo tricks… Being an introvert is awkward, lol.

So one day I’m jamming on my half swap red and blue yomega saber raider, filling my time standing there waiting for someone to ask for something, and not really paying attention to what’s going on behind me.

Older gentleman behind me to the left is sneaking up on me like a ninja while i’m totally oblivious to it. I usually look before throwing but this guy, it was too late for him. I threw a hard forward pass around the world to my right offhand trying to catch it for a pinwheel and the string slips of the tip of my finger sending the yoyo directly into this dude’s head at a million feet per second. smashed him good. didn’t draw any blood but he was rightly upset about it. I still feel the shame sometimes… i apologized profusely and lucky for me he let it go.

I’m way more cognizant when I throw anywhere near people now… it was traumatic, lol


I had my brand new fire devil break a string, but it landed on my bed thankfully. However my horizon wasnt as lucky. Didn’t ding it but it scuffed the hell out of the rims, stills plays good though.


Ouch, man if I had that experience it would probably scar me for life and I would wear a paper bag over my head :rofl:


…was the yomega ok?

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I traded a OneDrop M1 for a yoyojam MicroMo.


This was probably a decade ago. Still miss my black/orange dinged M1…


Check out yoyo_oh no on IG.

It’s hard not to laugh cause we’ve all done it!!! Ouch.

I’ve drawn blood once with a bad bind. Took Butter to the eyebrow!


i still have it… still works good, i just realized recently its pretty good for some basic 0A:

Also i will note, I did destroy a saber wing once when it couldn’t get me to the next trick (it was a beater duplicate anyway). it was not easy to crack it. These things are practically indestructible without using truly excessive amounts of force.


in my head i still feel the bag… lol.

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