I know everyone here wants to say they are the best yoyoer in the world, but we all know that the path to becoming as good as you are was a long one filled with sadness, laughter and pain. that being said, i want to know your biggest failures while yoyoing, lest it be hitting yourself, getting a huge knot, or just got to something that made you say “WHAT THE F***!?!?”

Haha, well out of the short time I’ve been yoyoing, I say giving my self a scar from looping with my dv888 wand bleeding from my head is my biggest fail so far haha.

Back in the day when i thought the lyn fury was the best yoyo in the world, i did a trick i now call demon whip. it almost looks like split the atom, but the yoyo flies out strait in front. well, one time, it didn’t fly away from me. it smacked me strait in the forehead leaving two huge bumps and making me see spots. i couldn’t walk strait for about an hour either. but that was the best i had shot it! i guess it wasn’t all THAT bad! heh heh.

Ok, so a few weeks ago i was practicing before the big talent show. I was in the chorus room, because we had to sing before the actual things started. I was showin off a bit by showing off my triple swing around then hook thing. I decided to try for a quadruple that day…wrong decision lol I landed it 2 times in a row, then on the third time when my throwhand was swinging around, my pointer came in contact with my nonthrowhand thumbnail…It dug so deep that i could see raw flesh and it bled for about 45 minutes. It stung soo bad for a while, but then it got better thank God lol I still performed and i did waaaay better than the first show, which completely sucked (there were 2 shows!!! I really messed up at the first because i was nervous and id never performed in front of a crowd that big before). Ill get the video of my performance up eventually!

Yoyoing. Its what we do. ;D

Besides the usual black eye, I was doing shoulder pops and the counterweight came swinging around, missed the mount and as it was swinging around I knew it was going to hit me but I didn’t do anything and it smacked me right in the middle of the forehead. I think that the biggest fail was when I was showing off and I did a pull start. At the same moment this little kid came running up and my hand hit him in the head knocking him over. :-[

I got some blood on my DNA (battle marks). Never look down when doing Eli Hops. My nose is still crooked.

When i was learning 5a regens, the yoyo hit me in the mouth and I lost a tooth (it was a baby tooth though) :wink:

When I was throwing around my duncan dragonfly it got a knot around the axle and shot up back to my hand, it missed and hit me between my temple and my eye. It bled, but not that much.

I hit my elbow really hard that it started bleeding. since that day whenever I hit my elbow it doesn’t hurt as much anymore

once my dv888 had a bad bind, I threw a breakaway and it only went halfway down the string. it swung under my chin and clubbed me in the head full force.

a failed bind
almost owed my mom a new picture frame

There are so many to choose from… my favorite was my head injury. Two quarter inch straight lines parallel to one another from when the yoyo bound up and hit me… It was very interesting when people would question what happened.

“What happened to your head?”
“Ninja attack”
funny look
“Erm… he was using a yoyo to attack me with…”


Nobody has bought the story yet. :frowning:

To add to the realm of fail though, it seems that every time I get a knot on the bearing, it’s on the opposite side of the string that’s attached to the bearing. :frowning: It’s not that big a hassle, but it’s irritating.

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ugh that happens to me too!!!

Well i had a few with my journey. it was trying to kill me When i was doing a matrix it, instead of going over my finger jumped straight up and HORIZANTLY the side cap bopped me in the nose. :o It was weird, like it was alive or somthen. The other time it went up instead of down, and it conviently hit me in the head. :’( I evenentally baught a dark magic.

When my dm was my main yo-yo i was showing my friend how to catch the yo-yo in offstring and i was saying keep you eye on the yo-yo and watch where it is going. Well i throw it up and it misses the string and hits the lower part of my eye and cuts it.(i had a black eye for a week) The day after it healed i was doing offstring again and it hit the other eye and cut it too.(i’m never holding the string over my head ever again)

At least you kept your eye on it…! heh heh. :wink:

A few weeks ago, I was practicing for the Redondo Beach contest, and while doing a leg combo, I WACKED myself in the forhead and got a huge bump.

I was done practicing that day. ;D

I was using my bearingized wheels, and I got a too-tight bind, and then threw a break away. BOOM! Headshot (My trademark :P) I had a bruise between my chin & mouth.

When I first tried leg wraptrap… It didn’t end well. I don’t wanna talk about it.:frowning:

well i am pretty sure this beats some of yours out there, i was yoyoing like… last year with a yoyo i got in florida and the string wasnt all good so, i went to do around the world cause at that time it was a good trick, but was i wrong it came back to my hand so i spun it around and it snapped off the string causing it to go on top of my roof and it was stuck till november of last year and when i took it down you can belive this i didnt want to use it anymore lol