i was trying 4a in my parents room and they have a whole bunch of pictures lined up on the shelf. well… had.

but the first time a yoyo ever split in half for me, i had two friends who were being smart…arses, and they both sat down cross legged and my other friend said that if i could hit them there, both of them in one throw, she would give me 5 dollars. i wasn’t going to, but i threw a sleeper and the yoyo split in half and hit them both perfectly. it was so funny that the teacher watching this gave me 10. no cash, i mean a double highfive. but i still got the five from my other friend.

i guess that was a win.

repeated sacks due to sped up split the atom’s:p

I was trying to impress a girl at school once. I failed a bind… Lemme back up though, I had been doing some CW stuff with my DM and I had dropped it on concrete before, it had some pretty sharp edges that would cut with a grind. Ok, so I failed a bind and it hits me in the f’ing face and I got two bloody lines up my face. Her first reaction was omg and she got me too the nurse. At least I got a kiss on my wounds for my troubles. :smiley:

I’m guessing the same thing happened to me, first learning it, I swung it under my legs and [size=10pt]BAM![/size] got both of 'em at once, i fell to the ground and my voice wasn’t the same for the rest of the day(i was only using my PGM)

This comment about fail is win! lol

There was one kid who did dog bit in the wrong direction. LOL

I’d probably say my biggest failure would be the time i let my friend use my DV888 on concrete…i think you can tell what happens from here :-[ :-[ :-[

Where am I going to start ??? lol

One of my first accidents, yes I had quite a few that I would say are on the same level of damage :P, I was playing with my Speeder at school, it was lunch time when I did this, hopefully nobody was there I think, I was just throwin’ normally doin’ tricks, combos… but it was when I binded that a knot formed around the bearing. I didn’t see it coming, when I threw a sleeper, adn it was a strong one, my Speeder came back, not in my hand, but hit me on the mouth, I was bleeding for about 10-15 minutes.

One of my other accidents is when I was playing with my X-Convict, I was doin’ grinds onmy throwhand before landing it on the string, it was on one of my hops from the string on my throwhand that my X-Convict made a pretty large cut on the back of my hand. The same thing happended when I was practicing stalls on the back of my throwhand with the same yoyo.

Another one of my accidents was when I was practicing for a competitionwhen I was practicing my routine in a park. I was doing Eli hops I was landing alll of my hops correctly on the string but on one of my hops, the wind was blowing really hard so it went of it’s course and landed next to my right eye, luckily it only left me with just a minor scratch.

And now for what I think would be my worst accident so far, was when I was throwin’ at school doing combos and tricks that involved playing with knots , I was playing with my Atmosphere that day, I was doing my tricks almost perfectly, I even found some new combos. But when I binded there was a knot and I threw a pretty strong sleeper, I know it already happened, but this time it hit me in the eye. On that time I saw a flash and after that I saw stars for a few seconds, after that happened I couldn’t open my right eye for about 5-10 minutes.