Most horrible yoyo injury

The name says it all what’s your worst injury directly caused by a yoyo.
Mines a dropped rextreme that bounced up and struck below the belt

Smashed a nerve in my wrist and couldn’t move it for a month or two

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Uh, A horrible Yoyo injury? Horrible?

So I guess since you are most likely using your hands to comfort your horrible injury; you must have typed this post with the tip of your nose?

Personally, I was Fatally injured while trying to throw punching bags inside a coffin with my favorite looping yoyos.

I plan on Yoing in the afterlife. So I saw a casket on display in a Health Food store and had an idea. I shortened the strings on my 1080’s to around 4.7 inches. Got in the box and closed the lid. Started some aggressive 2 handed punching bags. Unfortunately there was so little room in the casket that I ended up hitting myself in the Face 14,722 times! When I woke up 4 hours later, I could only count to 11 and say the word ‘pickle’.

It’s all about having fun…


HILARIOUS!! That was great.

Not sure if you’d call it an injury, never stopped me from continuing to throw, no blood was drawn…but when I first got my RecRev No. 9 and tried to Eli-Hop, it came down and smacked me in the knuckle full force…70 grams at that. It left a bruise.

Many years later, I’m at Disneyland trying out the Duncan Strix they had at the Duncan yoyo kiosk in Downtown Disney. Trying to show off, I went to throw and didn’t realize I snagged the string just prior. Sharp edge smacks into the knuckle…ok, done trying that one out.

Most recent one, left a light bruise again was my first throw with my Werrd Minute. Luckily it’s not heavy but it’s got some pretty pronounced edges. Yup, another knuckle buster.

The worst injury for me with a yoyo was when I was practicing the trapeze my first week of yo-yoing. I didn’t know much about string tension and what it could do to your bind back then. (Now I do!) well I went to do a breakaway with my Duncan metal drifter. Oh yeah, metal. Went for that strong breakaway and bang, POW, bam! Right into my elbow, took some skin with it and had me bleeding. I learned the hard way that day. Always keep an eye on string tension and never do a bind when its really bad. Lol

My phenom gave me a 2 inch gash on my underarm. No stitches :slight_smile: :slight_smile: though

I tried a fast horizontal combo blindfolded. It wasn’t fun…

Just the typical stuff for me. The Yo-Yo has hit me in the face a couple times, smashed into my knuckles more often than I’d like and sliced the callouses on my fingers open more times than I can count.

Knuckles and the jewels

failed horizontal hit me in the bone right under my eye
giant bruise=not fun

I had a first-run YYF Plastic Grind Machine where the string would occasionally slip in-between the bearing and the spacer, causing the yo-yo to snag. On the first day of throwing it, I threw a really hard breakaway, causing the yo-yo to shoot back up and hit me right in the face, above my right eyebrow. First and only time so far that a yo-yo has drawn my blood.

I deeply bruised or slightly fractured the tip of my middle finger on a botched catch.

The one that made me feel the most horrible was when my 3 year old scampered from behind me into the path of a (plastic) yoyo and had a bruise under her eye. :frowning:

Well, when I first started yoyo’ing about 5-6 months ago, I yoyo so much that the skin between my pointer and middle finger started peeling and ripping off and it hurt but I just kept yoyo’ing. It didn’t take long for that area to start hardening and build up callus by resting when I sleep.

One time I was playing around at a competition and my diffusion snaggedand slammed up onto my forehead.
As it turns out I chipped a bone from it.
Also i jeard a story of someone dislocating their knee during the prelims of the world yoyo championship

Here you go…I can’t stop laughing at the “ping” sound it makes in slow mo :slight_smile:


I’ve been hit in the head and face more times than I care to mention, but the most painful ones are when the calluses come open, because you are constantly reminded of it while playing

So you guys know what a 3A Reverse Tangler is?


What do you mean by no???

What you do is throw Reverse Around the Worlds with both hands like a sleeper but Around the World.
Then you cross the strings. Then…


Agreed on that callouses. I’m feelin it now. And also when I went for a break away and had a snag. Hut my thumb knuckle and tore the skin clean off.

So I was just practicing some combos when I went to finish lotus bloom and too a yoyo to the face. Hit my eye. Not sure if I blinked or not but couldn’t open my eye for a good 20 seconds. Been about 5 minutes and left eye is still blurry. Hope I didn’t scratch my eye.