Yoyo-Related Injuries

What are your injuries? They can be from your yoyo, or something that prohibits you from throwing!

My injury happened today (i’m in Australia):
We had sport at the end of the day, and i got stuck with softball. The mitts we were given were too big for my hand (i have SUPER tiny hands), and so i threw it off when we were practicing catches… WORST MISTAKE EVER! I caught the ball, but my middle finger (right hand) got bent all the way back, so i panicked and thought that i had broken my finger :(. It turns out it’s just a sprain (my mum is a nurse), but i can barely write, or do anything for that matter! I have school tomorrow (first day with glasses), so i will just ask my friend to write stuff down for me, while i (try to) read off the board! XD

The bearing in my shutter was all wacky and when I did I sideways throw it responded and it made a big bruse in the middle of my forehead. I sent back the Shutter for a horizon

The string snagged and I busted my lip once that is as bad as it gets for me.

I was outside and lost sight of an Offstring yoyo in the Sun. The 750 gram yoyo came down on my back and severed my spine. I was fatally injured. Fortunately, The local Witch Doctor brought me back to life.

But I have to constantly give him All the Chaos 422 string I can find or he will turn me into a Midget that stutters like Porky Pig.

Life is tough.

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I’ve got a scar right above my eye now from my Chief… The worst part is, my mom was laughing the whole time, and I didn’t even know I was bleeding! I reached up just to hold my head and I was like, “Whoa, why is it wet??” And then I looked at my now blood covered hand and freaked out haha I had never cut my head open before then, and so I ended up in the emergency room

emergency room? cmon son didn’t you have a band aid?


Doing ping pong with my Anarchist and my magic knot didn’t break
Swung back around the busted my brow
Sported a black eye for two weeks.

I hit myself in the eye and cut it open and a almost broke my tooth and I have hit the top of my head several times.

I wish it was that easy! I had to have it glued shut, it was a pretty big gash

Wow, that’s a LOT of injuries…
:-* :o :wink:

Fractured my skull due to yoyo.

It was within a freestyle when it happened. 50 seconds left. The string jammed up without my knowing.
I threw it down hard. It spun around my hand once and then swung up and hit me two inches above the tempole left side.

I didn’t black out right away until I got off stage. For a good ten minutes I have no recollection of what happened. I came to with someone pointing a light in my eyes and I was holding a mountain dew can to my head.

True story. That spot while healed, is a weak spot still as Doctors have told me. yay.

Don’t have anything that compares with a skull injury.

Front Teeth… Tom Kuhn took a picture of my new and improved teeth a few years after the accident. The backstory is on this JTV Shoot the Moon video http://juggling.tv/11637 including the yo-yo with teeth marks. The tooth story starts at 1:25.

When I was first getting into yoyos, I learned pop the clutch and nailed myself in the back of the head with my little Yomega Maverick

I’m pretty used to little bangs from a snagged string by now, but the worst thing I’ve ever experienced while yoyoing actually happened yesterday at work.

Throwing my regen, and my plastic whip came up through the gap instead of creating a loop, and that snagged. I tried to throw it to clear the snag, the string stopped at that snag, and for some reason I pulled my hand up to try and bring the yoyo back… Big mistake. Caused the yoyo to go into a pendulum motion straight between my legs and caught the plums smack on the bottom, not even protected by the other equipment, straight yoyo to bag. Of course I bent over in pain, but I played it off like I was trying to catch the yoyo, and did my best impersonation of a regular walk to my chair, where I sat cross eyed for a good 30 minutes.

Moral of the story is, plastic throws have their place in life, and my regen has permanent “I have no idea what I’m doing” front mount trick duty

Is this part of the reason you are wearing a full face guard in the long string yoyo video? Lol.

Iv been given a shiner (black eye) once when the string binded wrong, i get a lot of bruises on my forearm and wrist from the same thing

Just recently got a new bruise on my left hand, behind the index finger knuckle, when the 8 ball CT that came in my regen siezed and shot the yoyo back into my hand.

That hurt worse than most other smacks I have gotten sine it hit right on the bone

Mine aren’t so bad–I now still have a pair of bruises on my throwhand from learning Spirit Bomb this past weekend. A long time ago I almost broke my nose learning barrel rolls on a Yomega Maverick that was a bit too responsive. Bruised a few of my knuckles with a Fast201 trying to bind it ::slight_smile: and sprained/fractured throw hand metacarpals the first semester I started bringing my throws to school.
Went to our student health center for that last one, told the crabby old doctor what had happened–I hurt my hand yo-yoing–and she pretty much laughed me out of the place, but not before trying to sell me some finger splints… Luckily I never had reason to go back there.

I’ve taken quite a few hits to the face that were pretty mild. But once I put a yoyo away with a snag in string. When I came back to it the next day and threw a hard breakaway it clocked me right in the chin. It hit me so hard it sent me straight to the ground. I know you’ve all heard it before. Don’t put a yoyo away with a snag or a knot. :rage: