Yoyo Injuries!!!

what is the worst injury you have had with a yoyo??? i have been working on a double or nothing and didn’t pay attention after a bind and the yoyo swang up and hit me on the wrist bone. last week i did the same thing but the knot was deeper in the spool and it swang up and hit me in the eye bone. that really hurt but at least my wife got a good laugh! its kind of like stumping your toe…you are never really expecting it but when it happens you sure know it… :o

This happened to me last week. I was playing with my friend’s duncan misquito and i was about to do a breakaway and it hit me right above my left eye(i’m left handed) and it still hurts pretty bad. :’(

I had a knot in my string with my DM and i threw it down as hard as i could… AND came back hit my elbow and chipped a little of my DM and I couldnt like strech my arm for a week

same thin happend to me as ebinballer
and i was swinging my yoyo about to flip the yoyo on a split bottom mount but my finger mised and the yoyo hit my coller bone and started bleeding :’(

Hm…a large bump on my forehead twice, one on my head, got hit once on my nose, and several times on my arms.

bruises on my face and on my arm, and a scar on my finger on the knuckle, it is permanent and started bleeding everywhere, the worst yoyo injury in my opinion is brandon baines’ scar on his lower forehead from the 2008 international yoyo open

I was yoyoing at school, and I was talking to friends, I went to bind, and I hit myself in the eye. I could not really see out of that eye very well for a week or so.

Yeah i got hit in the balls with a DM. and i threw a break away and it hit my fingers SO HARD. :-\

The only thing that has happened to me is get an snag when i did the brain twister for the first time and it came up and hit me in the knuckles. other than that i haven’t hit myself. later.

mod: well today i craked my self in the eye with the dm.

I onece got hit in the teeth, another time on the nose, and once i got hit so hard in the fingers that my middle and index bled.

my worst injury was i had a bind knot and whacked myself in the ball of my thumb, the part nearest to the palm, and it was blue o.0 I also hit myself in the wrist bone, but not too hard.

3 days ago i hit myself in the chin while doing some barrel rolls:(

I was just about to make a thread about this :smiley: :(. I have a very long list

Two black eyes
multiple elbow injuries
many many hand/wrist injuries
and i hit “that place” that guys dont like to be hit in. :stuck_out_tongue: :-X

the day I started trying 5a w/ my one friend I hit myself in the family jewels pretty hard

i was trying to get a dead metal duncan back up with the trick. i hit myself in the chin… couldn’t talk that day

in my beginning i was doing around the world…n suddenly my brother came and yoyo responed :wink: him…and he was like … ???

with my beetle i did a “nut cracker”

I have never had a yoyo injury. Although my friend tried to do a trapeze and threw it too hard, which resultet in a hit directly to the eye. He is now traumatised and he won’t dare to try trapeze again.

i gave me self a black eye couldnt see for awile and the elbow in the non funny bone and then a hit my self again even worse in my other eye i hurt for like a month no joke coulnt seee period for couple hours lol

Cracked myself in the lip yesterday afternoon with my Dark Magic! Nice shiny red mark now. First real yoyo injury aside from occasional string burn and swollen knuckles.

I smacked my self in the head with a eetsit so hard it knocked me out