worst yoyo injuries

I was wondering what is the worst yoyo injury you have every suffered? I busted my head open yesterday. The Hspin Cut is aptly named. It’s about a 3/4" gash that bled and bled, I almost fell over from the impact. Pictures coming later.


Almost nothing.
Worst I’ve done is hit my elbow hard enough that I couldn’t move it for the rest of the day.

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the worst i had was doing seasick, and I missed the string and hit me in eye. I was blind for awhile

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I hit myself down there and couldn’t run for a while.

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Back when I was throwing responsive yo-yo’s all the time I got a coldfusion (my first metal) and occasionally it would bind up and get stuck and I could usually throw a hard breakaway to get the knot out. One time I got a real knot in there about a foot and a half down the string and didn’t know it, threw a hard breakaway thinking I’d get the bind out, it swung right up, hit me in the head and knocked me out (and to the ground) for a few seconds. Luckily my mom was right there and iced it right away otherwise I’d have had a horrendous bump on my head at school the next day.


I don’t do much extreme yoyo-ing like you all… So… It was just a blue-black on my finger when tugging my bumblebee after a sleeper :-\

dude! Where’s the pictures?!?!??

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Leg wrap trap, do i even need to say?

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Markmont split bottom mount, smacked myself on the chin! OW! Massive bruise. Wasn’t noticable though, so I didn’t mention it to anyone besides this forum :stuck_out_tongue:


The worst was i hit my chin or i hit my rib. Both times i had a knot. The rib hurt more but the pain of the chin incident lasted a lot longer.

With a Noctu you would have needed stitches.

i was doing a brain twister, and it flew of the string and hit my head…

I binded to tight and when I went to through a break away it swung around and hit me in the eye, I got a black eye, and the pain was terrible

last week i got my first injury a die nasty right between my eyes so freakin hard it made my eyes water and of course the next day a had a nice size bruise and got made fun at work (wah wah!)

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One time I was trying to break my record for Around the Worlds ( Geez how many yoyo injuries are because of this) and my yoyo had a knot a few inches down the string. So I swung it forward as hard as possible, and the yoyo hit me right above the eyes. Luckily it was plastic.

Hit myself in the eye close to my nose. The the very next day I hit the outside of the same eye. Good Times!


well, i got a scar mark on my left eyebrow.
i dont even want to remember that day… :-X

My friend died from a yo-yo injury when I was 8

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One day I was throwing, it was icy out, and I slipped and got a concussion. :frowning: