yoyo related injuries.


In this thread, post about your weirdest yoyo related injuries :smiley:
ill start…

Threw a breakaway full force with my dv888, forgot there was a knot in the string and the yoyo ended up hitting me in the face, spliting my eyebrow.

now its your turn!


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There are many other threads about this topic. Try searching the forum next time. But since this thread is here… Beginner Looper + Shoot the moon=OW!


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I posted on it today first post was about 2 weeks ago??


I was doing a braintwister, and my hands accidently got too close. Dark Magic clonked my ‘jewels’ :’(


hmm let’s see, I was at school playing with my PGMv2, threw a breakaway caught a knot came back and smashed myself right above my left eyebrow and it split pretty bad, then went to the nurses office and i went home early ;D this all happened during my lunch break btw.


Hmm, lets see… I’ve been hit in the face a few times. I’ve been hit in the eye and the temple a few times. I’ve cut myself with a noctu (they’re SHARP!), string burns, string cuts, and I’ve been hit below the belt more time than I have in the face.


i hit myself in the face, leg, arm some other body part i would rather not mention and got a black eye once


well one day I was playing with my pgm and my dark magic and I started with my pgm and I did a really strong throw and it hit my funny bone and my arm hurt for about three days from that. Then after that I pick up my dark magic I did another strong throw and hit my funny bone again and my arm still hurts from that >:(


Half & Half to the eye!!! Bumpsville for days!


the exact same happened to me…gave me a nose bleed…wont be trying that again any time soon…


Where have you hit yourself with your yoyo and was there a noticeable mark,I just got hit on the side of my lip and there’s a huge bump


I’ve busted myself in the side of the head I don’t know how many times. Lol. Not lately tho since I’ve gotten better. I have permanently skinned knuckles tho.


On my face, top of my head (4a), knuckles like you wouldn’t belive(1a and 5a), and actually cut myself from returing a yoyo (1a)…yeah, just cut myself with a yoyo. Belive it.


Been close a few times, especially these days. Typical break-away after a sloppy bind stuff.

Most I can really say is that when I first started throwing, I was throwing a LOT, and my hand got so sore it was hard to catch. Just had to work through it. Didn’t help I was nursing a pinched nerve in my neck causing problems in that arm as well

Other than that, nothing SO FAR.


I believe it. lol I’ve thrown a noctu. so not too hard to believe. :stuck_out_tongue:

and I’ve gotten stitches in my right eyebrow, a cut on my left, hit right under my knee and left a bump, cut the middle knuckle on my thumb, and hit my knuckles plenty of times.
I’ve also hit myself a few times where it just hurt, but didn’t leave any noticeable mark.


I dislocated my knee while onstage. They thought it was a part of my act…


I fractured my foot after string snapped using my POPstar.


Too many times.