Most painful YoYo accident

Tell me about your most painful YoYo accident you have ever had/dealt with.

Either getting hit in the nuts with a metal, or this Time I had a knot and threw a breakaway, it flew around and hit my head, again metal.

I hit myself with a General-Yo Magnum. It hit me going full speed off the initial throw because I was stupid and forgot to do a test throw after pulling it out of my case, not knowing there was a knot. Hit me square in the chin, rattled my teeth, and forced me to sit down because I lost my equilibrium. Thank god for the beard, I had a huge bruise on my chin.

Haha! I can’t help but laugh, yet I feel so really bad. You guys are making g me scared of yoyoing now… Lololol.

I get my knuckles busted very often. Thought my Alpha Crash caused permanent nerve damage in my hand yesterday… Still hurts.

Idk if I’m just lucky or what but I’ve been throwing for about 8 months and the worst thing that’s happened to me was a light hit to the face a little below the eye, but it didn’t cause a bruise or anything and didn’t hurt that badly…

I’ve been smashed in the knuckles a fair amount of times too that made my knuckles red for a short while but that’s it

Heh heh. Yoyos are simple, but can be one of the most dangerous things out there, huh? ???

I threw a breakaway with my dm2 and had a knot. Swung around and bashed me in the face. Had a nice cut on my noise for a few days.

He he. My worst accident so far was when. I threw the yoyo over my head and it landed right on top of my head. I felt a little bump

Anybody else want to tell everybody on the forums some painful yoyo accidents? It won’t bite and I know the the suckers above me (I love all of you), are not the only ones who have got hurt with a yoyo. Come on, it won’t bite.

It wasn’t me but I remember someone doing shoot the moon with a super spinfakter when the response didn’t grip and nailed them in the mouth. Chipped their 2 front teeth

OK mister, you just now made me officially scared of yoyos. Thanks for ruining my dream of being a professional yoyoer. :frowning: :’(

Hit in eyebrow, half passed out from blood loss, 10 stitches at the hospital.

Uhh… I can’t tell if you are joking or not. If not I am not even going to look at a yoyo again…

Lol I’ll finish it off
Was trying to learn the neck wrap/unwrap and I twisted the wrong way. It came around, hit me in the mouth and knocked out a tooth. A baby tooth thank god…

I always hit my elbow really hard sometimes cuz ill tangle up my string due to bad string tension and when i throw it hard it will fling back into my elbow but i have gotten used to it

I think the reason a lot of people aren’t posting is because this thread gets made on an almost monthly basis. As for my worst injuries, just stay away from Shoot the Moon.

Let’s just say it involved doing offstring with a metal yoyo.

The same Magnum I mentioned in earlier was also bing used when I was attempting behind the head Eli Hops. Took it to the temple quite hard. You know those old Loony Toons where Sylvester sees stars after Tweety cracks his dome with a hammer… there is more truth to them than one might think.

On a side note, that single Magnum has done more damage to my person than any of the hundreds of other yoyos I have thrown in my day. I swear Ernie used the acidic bile of Cthulhu while nickel plating this particular unit.

All kidding aside, those of you that are getting scared from reading these horror stories, don’t worry about it. Every player will eventually take a knock at some time or another. It is just like a ding on a yoyo, once you take your first you won’t really worry about them anymore.

I had a trapeze once, and looked down the string to see how well centered I had it, then it accidentally bound and smacked me right in the bone below my eye socket.