It happened -- yo-yo hit my head

(Thomas Bellotti) #1

Finally! I’m part of the club.

I just had my initiation ceremony, and now feel that I am truly a part of this community.

It’s almost 4 am. Foggy. Brisk. I step outside for a cigarette, yoyo in hand. As I stumble about with my newfound joy, I go for a breakaway. Expecting what has happened every other time the yoyos loops over my finger into a trapeze.

But this wasn’t every other time.


Before I can grasp what has happened, I feel a pain in the side of my head, just above my left ear. My yoyo sputters and spins, hanging limp from my finger. This isn’t a trapeze at all.

The sucker bound up about halfway down and my sideways throw momentum swung it directly into the side of my face. I may have woke the neighbors, because I instantly began laughing harder than I have in a while.

I’m officially in now, I believe? Glad to be here.


Haha nice story. Mine is similar… what yoyo?

(Thomas Bellotti) #3

Lol ya I’m guessing most people have a similar story. Was yours particularly bad? Feel like I got pretty lucky

I believe I did it with my shutter, but it might have been the purple line. I didn’t knock the memory out of myself, just not sure haha


Ya no mine was pretty lucky as it was a Viper. The Viper is metal but with large fit on rubber rims. Just reading this makes my head hurt :joy:

(ZAC) #5

Safety throw is your friend.

(Jim Honaker) #6

I have come close on a few occasions. I usually perform a safety throw when in question. I also have a habit of making sure there is a clean bind before I put one away. Just incase I grab one and throw.


Posting this must have jinxed me… just after cringing at the thought of getting hit by metal yoyos I go and whack myself on the forehead with my Space Crown while practicing frontstyle… 65 grams of 7068 in your forehead isn’t cool.


Yoyos will try to kill you when your not looking. Be careful out there!


My first entry into the hall of yoyo injuries was when I was adjusting string tension and managed to swing the spinning metal yoyo into my eye…

… managed to tear a strip of skin off my eyelid and bruise the side of my nose/eye… OUCH!


Surprise bind! The trick nobody does on purpose.


believe it or not one time a safety throw hit me in the face

(ZAC) #12

Atleast it wasn’t at bone crushing speed lol

(Thomas Bellotti) #13

Hahaha I’m glad I’m not the only one.

Will definitely be paying more attention and practicing “safety throws” when things might be a little squirrelly.

I have a feeling that, regardless, if I play with these things long enough a good thump is bound to happen eventually

(André Boulay) #14

Welcome to the club! It happens!

View at your own risk! :blush: :face_with_head_bandage:

(André Boulay) #15

This is also the closest call I have seen in awhile - all caught on film… lol. Starts at 50 seconds if it doesn’t autoplay from there… @chandlersteele

(Thomas Bellotti) #16

Oh wow. Jiminy Christmas that could have been an ambulance ride for sure. Maybe a lawsuit as well.

He had quite a bit of momentum on that thing too, whipping it around like that. And I’m pretty sure that’s metal. Hahaha that would NOT have been pretty.

Didn’t even notice it grazing her hair on the first play either. That slow more though-yowza.

Awesome link dude, I think we’ve got an undisputed winner

Edit: Didn’t even see that Instagram. Wow a whole page dedicated to the wrath of children’s toys. Amazing.

Seriously though, props to everyone who was confident enough to post their funny mistakes to the world. Glad people don’t all take themselves too seriously to share something like that.

(Tyler) #17

Still have a lump on the inside of my mouth where I bashed it a few weeks ago on a breakaway. Think it might be a blood clot lol

(Nathan) #18

I was playing with my Flight about a year ago, and walking while throwing… The lights happened to be off, and the doorway was only cracked open halfway, not all the way. Needless to say, I ran into the door and got I nasty bruise on my forehead. It was kind of sad when it didn’t scar…:disappointed_relieved:


Wow they did a slo-mo you can see it brush her hair OMG :open_mouth:

(Thomas Bellotti) #20


Exactly what I thought. Doesn’t get any closer than that.