Has anyone ever hit themself in the eye with their yoyo???

I am wondering if anyone else has ever had a similar horrible experience of hitting them self in the eye like I just did today. My yoyo snagged somehow and snapped back with a force that was really scary hitting me in the left eye. Although luckily for me I must have sensed it coming, and my eye lid was shut when it hit, but the really scary part besides how much it hurt and still hurts, is that I saw a flash of light when it hit. In almost five years of throwing, it is definitely the dumbest thing I have done to date. I vow here and now to always where “safety glasses” when throwing my yoyos, to ensure that something like this, and maybe worse, can never happen again. About three years ago I opened up a big gash on my left eyebrow with my NVx, with blood every where, nearly hitting my left eye, and I swore to always wear safety glasses back then, but the idiot that I am, that didn’t last long. I have come to realize though, (the hard way.) that wearing safety glasses should be as important as wearing a yoyo string loop around your finger. Only dumb-bells like me, do not protect their eyes when doing something that can be as potentially dangerous, as throwing yoyos can be!!! Where your safety glasses!

I have. I have it on film too:

The last mistake was the eye hit.


Every pain in my life is worthless compared to this.

I got a knot like that yesterday and my yoyo slammed right into my hand, and it was cold too so it just STUNG sooo bad.

I wouldn’t go so far as to wear safety glasses, just be careful not to hit yourself in the eye, or even in the face.

I’ve never gotten hit directly on my eyeball, but I’ve taken a few to the cheekbone and eyebrow area for sure. Never enough to bleed though.

Better advice I think would be to get used to holding your TH pointer out when you throw, ready to stop a yoyo that snagged from coming back at your face. This was something I learned early after almost taking an eye-hit from a Noctu, but it’s become an instinct, and since it’s been a veeeeery long time since I’ve taken a hit to the face. Just hold your pointer out like you’re going to hit a trapeze a little early and it should prevent the yoyo from coming back most of the time.

I did.

It ruined my glasses.

I hit myself in the eye once. Here’s what happened.

I posted this on the other thread but this one seems to be more active.

"I hit myself in the eye once. Here’s what happened.


I’ve never been that bad at hitting myself in the face…I shouldn’t try harder

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I have several times. One time I got a knot in my capless and I forgot about it so I threw a breakaway super hard and got a gash by my eye brow. There’s still a scar there.

Never hit myself in the eye but I have hit just about every other part of my anatomy (including one particularly excruciating snag that hit me square in the nads).


Sure have. Missed the bind doing lateral. Caught it right in my glasses

All the time. Never broke anything though. Maybe my pride…

I’ve given myself a bloody nose from getting hit at the top of it

I swerve that junk everyyytimmmee

Lucky you! I manage to bullet time my way out of most but sometimes I get a bit complacent and that’s when I crack myself in the face/shin/arm/crotch/etc.


Hit myself just above the eye with a Lyn a while back. Didn’t even get a bruise.

I cracked myself on the bottom of my cheekbone it was sore to the touch for a month. ever since I’ve been able to dodge it everytime.