Yoyo accident

So Thursday night I was yoyoing in my Kitchen and I decided to pop the yoyo up. Well I ended up breaking a Light bulb and getting some glass in my eye. I hed to go to the emergency room to get the glass removed and ended up with a scratch on my cornea. Just thought I would share this with yall and thought I would ask what incidents have yall had?

I chipped a lens on my glasses once because of a snag. Would’t hit me right in the eye had I not been wearing glasses. Perhaps someone needs to make official Yo-yo safety glasses!


Im sorry, but first thing i thought was HARRY POTTER!!

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I’ve broken a window, a light, and I’ve dislocated my knee all while yoyoing.

Broken window - been there, done that

Broken light - hit the hallway globe once, not sure how it survived

Dislocated knee - yoying? We gotta know how that happened

I’ve pretty much hurt myself everywhere, but the most…

Those. Stupid. Knuckles.

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I was turning while doing an around the world trick, and I forgot to turn my foot. My thigh turned, but my calf didn’t. Wasn’t a fun time.

I would buy them!!

I was trying to do this weird thing behind my head, but the string wrapped around my ear and my metal yoyo swung right into my front teeth.

thanks now my teeth hurt!

I did that too!

I need knew glasses.

Fellavader saw the mark. :stuck_out_tongue:

My big bro did that but right above his eye.

I also got five stitches on the bridge of my nose!

Sounds painful. Hope you are ok.

my buddy was throng his brand new tiwalker. sagged on him kicked back and gave him a very nice black eye

My father died in a horrible yoyo accident.


yoyo had snag, threw it, went to first period with huge gashed bleeding lip.

Just 5 minutes ago I got hit really by a yoyo experiment gone rogue… Very badly bruised nose and a nice gash on the bridge…

God those safety goggles would be lovely.