YoYo inflicted injuries anyone?

ive been getting the crap beaten out of my elbow lately and was wondering if anyone else has been jumped by their favorite hobby. XD ow what the worst injury youve gotten because of yoyoing was

I got a concussion from an echo hitting me in the eye and I got hit in the nuts by my friends raider

We’re posting yoyo injury pics on the YoYoNews Instagram feed, hashtag #yoyodamage.


ooooooh thats brutal, havnt had a hit like that yet

Counter weight to the elbow and yoyo to the eye

I gave myself tendinitis in both hands and lower arms from learning how to loop :(. And thats why I haven’t been around in a couple months… I think if I had taken a break when the pain started, I wouldn’t have had problems, but I just kept going until the shooting pains started. It was pretty stupid to do it at my age, I suppose. It’s healing up very slowly, but it’s been about 3 months and I still can’t open a jar without getting pain for 2 days afterward. I was also doing alot of pushups, so that may have added to it.

So anyway, it really sucks to lose my favorite hobby… I don’t think I’ll be looping again, but I’ll eventually get back into string tricks. Take breaks people!

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12+ broken lightbulbs and the associated pieces of glass in feet, 7 black eyes (with scars to go with them), split chin, bruised retina (Hit myself on the actual eye. Single most painful event to ever happen to me), one dislocated knee (on stage!), and lots and lots of misc. bruises all over my body.

I think I might win the yoyo related injury award.

You have won the injury award, but only if no one has died from a yoyo. Has anyone here died from a yoyo?

If so it has yet to be repoted

I was doing Eli hops one time and I had my head bent down and it hit me on the bridge of my nose I got a bruise there and didn’t even realize it.

haha dang eli hops i was also doing eli hops but i just threw a regular sleeper and as i was doing them in mid air it comes back and cracks me in the knuckle it was black and blue in seconds i couldnt move my finger i thought it was broken but after a couple days i was better

I honestly have no idea how you do that to yourself Jake hahaha. If only you could figure out how to harness that power and unleash it on your enemies.

But besides the occasional shot to the McNuggets and a couple of knuckle busters, this is the worst a yoyo has hurt me:

It was from a Cliff. I sold it the next day…