Has anyone gotten injured by yoyoing?

It doesn’t have to be a broken bone or anything.

Yes. Haha One time I was doing a bind and (not to my knowledge) there was a knot in the strong. I went and threw my second throw doing a breakaway, and BAM. The yoyo-went a half foot down the string and gashed me in the chin. Open gash. I still have it. I did this yesterday haha. I need a helmet for this hobby.

Not to mention its a metal yo.

I’m sure plenty of people have gotten injured haha. Extreme!

Worst from a medical perspective was splitting my temple open when I didn’t realize a yo-yo was snagged. Most painful was getting hit in the groin.

Has anyone every gotten injured from yoyoing?

I’m up to…

One split chin
One chipped tooth (you should see the other guy)
Six black eyes
One dislocated patella (on stage)
Three split eyebrows
One bruised retina (the most painful by far)
Countless bruised/split knuckles
30+ broken light bulbs and all of the glass-in-foot that comes with them.

I think that covers most of it.

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Are we still talking about yoyoing or have we moved onto kick boxing?


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I have smashed my knuckles several times
I hit my self on the head
However the only mark I have had was when I was doing an Eli hop and it hit the bridge of my nose didn’t feel a thing but there was a mark on my nose for a few days.

How long have you been yoyoing…so many injuries

I’ve had a yoyo hit the side of my nose and started bleeding
Upper lip bruise, it was puffed
Hit in the head
Smashed knuckles

And people still prefer metals…

I get boing-e-boing’d in the groin all day long

One time I wasn’t paying attention and I didn’t notice I got a knot and when I threw it down it went down halfway and hit me it the mouth and because I have braces it cut my lip pretty bad and knocked my tooth back


its because 5a XD

I know , I’ve seen his preformance, but still

If you don’t mind me asking, what performance? :?

I have a scar just next to my left eyebrow from my Electric Flash, I also have another scar on the other side from my speed dial

I nailed a kid in the head doing a breakaway, but that may or may not have been an accident…

Geesh. This is what it takes to be a professional, huh? >.<’

Well, speak of the devil I just over powered a hop doing offstring leg orbits and hit myself in the mouth with a Fiesta XX. Big gash and bruise on my lip. That sucker is heavy!


About six years now. Go high risk or go home, I guess.

It was a talent show rehearsal about four years ago performed in front of a small crowd.

Needless to say, it was an awkward 45 minutes laying on stage waiting for the ambulance to show up.

wow that’s dedication. I hit my self in the forhead last week. not hard enough to hurt my self but almost.

Various cases of string burn, some bad enough to leave a mark on my hand for several days.

Hit myself in the lip, which has happened to everybody I guess

Hit my knuckles a lot, but you get used to it.

Hit myself In the jaw, temple, cheek, and forehead. All left some kind of bruise but nothing major :smiley:

Am I just completely making this up, or wasn’t there a guy who broke his leg during a contest? Just a freak thing from stepping wrong or something. I vaguely remember seeing a video of it. He was a young Asian guy.