yoyo injurys?

haha i just hit my self in the shoulder where i have a bad sunburn!! lolz.

u guys got any yoyo injury storys or pics? show em! haha

I was just casually throwing with my Sasquatch, when I got hit in the nose. The bridge of my nose was swollen. This was 2 days before prom…

One time…

I hit my face, mouth area.

One time…

I hit my dog, accidentally, in the groin area…

One time…

I hit my bro accidentally on the head…

One time I hit my foot.

And many more.

hahahaha!!! i hate hitting myself lolzz. but sometimes its funny

once i did around the world in my room and hit my fan and the glass around the bulb fell and hit my head :’(

Yep, got nailed in the forehead just above my left brow from an unknown axle knot, was that close to getting stitches, but it got glued :slight_smile:

I didn’t know that the yoyo was knotted in the middle. So I threw a breakaway as hard as I could and, I don’t really remember this part too well, it came back up and hit me right in the temple. That hurt!

I smashed/bruised my knuckle on a failed Eli Hop with a thick-rimmed 70g aluminum yoyo (My RecRev No.9). I’m glad it had fat, round rims and not sharp, pointy rims.

Just busted my lip about 2 minutes ago. Hit my tooth pretty hard too, but luckily, no damage there.

Gave myself a black eye it hurt to blink for a few days, serious binding fail

I think I may have strained a tendon in my elbow.

First time I ever lubed a bearing of course I didnt let it dry or anything. Using my dv888, it grabbed mid trick and blasted me in the eye. Blood poured out, and I mean poured, prolly could have used some stitches but I butterfly taped my eyebrow closed. The hole was about the size of a quarter. Still have a huge scarr and a bunch of scarr tissue there now.

First day with a hubstacked yoyo. I pull started it and it somehow got into and knot and I didn’t know that. I went to throw a breakaway and it popped me in the mouth. Lol

3 times I got it in my face, and wen my dm2 get wild I always get it on my finger so I don’t play so often with that one;)

I have snagged my finger on failed whips sooo many times i also chipped my tooth when i first started.

One day I hit my eyelid and it got black blue and a cut was on it… It felt better a little later but then BAM! I hit the same eye :’(

i hit myself in the eye yesterday. failed binding. it might be a black eye. idk but it huurrt

When I was first learning horizontal I cut my chin with my macrocosm. I still have the scar.

Well I’ve hit the top of my head once, then I hit my tooth and dinged my Dv888, and about a week ago I hit my upper chin with my Asteroid and got it to start bleeding.

Oh and countless times of hitting my elbow, sometimes I could of swore I broke something.

I’ve hit my head a couple times, I also broke my iPad with my DM2 from doing a forward pass with a knot in it…