yoyo injuries

not sure if this is a repeat thread or not, but I was partially inspired by brett’s monthly swag topic last month, and what happened a few hours ago.
So I was just messin’ around with my newest throw (a red and white pgm) a bit ago, and keep in mind that at the time I literally hadn’t slept for about 20 hours, and I didn’t sleep much the night before. Anyways, I apparently got a knot. This would have been great to know before I threw a full strength breakaway, but alas…
So I throw my break away, and the yoyo comes swingin’ back around. now normally when that happens I can dodge it, but I was tired, and my reaction time well… sucked. And BAM! it hits me on the right eyebrow. After a few minutes of holding my head, and some obscenities, I go to the bathroom to check out the damage. and well… let’s just say I just came back from the doctor’s office with 3 stitches.

I’ve actually had something similar happen a few months ago with my dm2, but it didn’t need stitches or anything. and it was the left eyebrow. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, what was YOUR worst yoyo related injury?

About a month ago my yoyo got a knot but i didn’t know it. Then i threw a hard breakaway it came up and hit me right below my left eye and i fell down from the surprise, but fortunately i did not get a black eye.

Back when i was first starting to yoyo i was leaning boomarang (i think), the one where you shoot the yoyo out in front of you. Any way i missed, it hit me in the face. At first i was like :o , but then i was like :’( , and then i was like >:( .

I dislocated my knee while yoyoing on stage.

They thought it was a part of my act. Took them about a minute to catch on that my knee was actually hurt.

i was throwing a breakaway and it came around and it my eye and i had a black eye

Well umm… when i first started trying barrell rolls I missed one and lets just say that it hit Down under… that did not feel pleasent. I also have hit myself in the eye and got a black eye.

I don’t remember how long ago it was, but I remember when I was learning boing-e-boing, and the yoyo fell out of those two strings it was bouncing between and came at me and hit me in my right eye, and the fact that it was a dark magic (version I) (heavy) didn’t help with the pain. I “only” got a black eye. I was afraid to do boing-e-boing for a little while but I ended up learning it sometime.

Yesterday when i was throwing offstring the string cut my finger. Not that big of an injury, just got to be careful when i throw offstring.

Currently have a slight black eye from many of these said knotted break aways

When I first got my RecRev No.9 I misjudged a Kwyjibo when the thick lips of the yoyo smacked my knuckle. Later when heading home from the BAC, I was wondering why my knuckle hurt so much (when I bumped it into something). It then dawned on me that my yoyo kissed it. It hurt for a few weeks, even had a small bruise.

Not yoyo related, more of diabolo, I went to do a 30-foot launch when I misjudged catching and it crashed right on my face and the edge caught my lip. I felt like I had an uber fat lip for a while, that sucker hurt!

My string broke during a combo and smashed my already broken nose

i did a breakaway and my yoyo came up and hit me right above my left eye now i have a bruise and it hurts so bad

Was playing with my newly bought Vashek Supernova and then threw one of those knotted
breakaways and cut me under the eye and left a scar. My first yoyo injury was when
I was at a yoyo camp in Germany and was filming some footage for a yoyo video and I threw
another knotted breakaway and it hit me above the eye and left a bump for a couple days. Another
time I was at a contest the day before yesterday and a threw a Grind Machine 2 and I binded it
and it came up and busted open a cut on my middle finger.


there’s such thing as yoyo camp? o.o
that’s so cool. And it seems like a lot of people have had knotted breakaway-to-the-eye incidents. lol

Oh, and today I got my stitches out :smiley:
scar isn’t too bad. only a little worse than the one over my left eye.

my worst injury must be one of my front teeth that got hit with a steamroller’s edge. The tooth is still here but from time to time, it kinda “bothers” me

My worst.

I was throwing my DV888 and forgot it had knotted up. When I tried to throw a hard breakaway the yoyo smashed me in the temple literally knocking me out.

When I woke up my girl was standing over me with a cold bag of peas laughing hysterically.

I had a decent sized black and blue for a while.

It was very embarassing. Especially considering I used to be a boxer. A pretty good one at that.

Yo-Yo - 1 Man - 0

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Yesterday the response ripped when i did a bind so when i threw it, it was like a not it came back and hit me in the forehead.

I fear the moment, when my sovereign gonna hit my face…

atleast it’s not a noctu :stuck_out_tongue: