yoyos gone wrong

hello i wanted some people to tell me acciedents with their yoyos. I hope their funny. you can send a viedo if you want.

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I was in school yoyoing, and I had a knot without noticing it, and hit myself in the eye. Only one person saw, lol.

Also, one time I had a know with my DM, and it came up and hit me in the elbow, then it hit the cement. I was on the floor examining the yoyo instead of my body. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, Samad’s story reminds me of a something.

I was yoyoing, and my brother was answering the door, my friends wanted to learn some tricks.
As soon as my brother opened the door, The yoyo hit my hand during Ladder Escape. Sure enough, it unscrewed, and rolled to the door, and the half of the M1 fell down 20 stairs!

I ran down as soon as I could, and tripped at the last step.

I scraped my knee, but I looked at the yoyo’s damage instead of me. :stuck_out_tongue:

The ding turned out to be minor, and my knee was fine.
(One-Drop yoyos are tough!)

But it was a good laugh.

I have hit myself in the temple with my DM and have busted myself in the nose with my PGM. It made it bleed a bit but other than that just a lot of getting busted in the knuckles. oh and a little girl ran with my limited edition Darkmagic across the parking lot trying to “walk the doggie” as she called it. that hurt me the most. Not even kidding I about cried. Was sitting there for 30 minutes just looking at it in agony. Haha well later.

Keep it spinning™

lol sweet

I had a knot in my Hitman after a not so good bind, and I threw a Breakaway, and, OUCH!!!

It slammed me in the elbow so hard, it was redicilous! It felt like I broke my elbow, but I don’t scream when I get hurt. I be a man! :stuck_out_tongue:

But really, I didn’t scream.

It did hurt, especially the metal rims. :frowning:

Accidents happen! :smiley:

Three Stories (HEEHEE!)

  1. I was yoyoing in my bedroom upstate and someone opened my door while I was doing a nunchuck and my FHZ (WITH WEIGHT RINGS GAAHHH!) hit me right between the eyes.

  2. I was yoyoing in my friends bedroom with my kickside and it responded on a whip and made my nose bleed.

  3. I was doing 2a and my bee got a knot and smacked my lip. I had a blue/purple lip for 1 and 1/2 weeks.

I thought you were going to say 1 and 1/2 Mount. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a knot in my wooly marmot and a hit my jaw.

A couple of months ago I was almost out of strings, so while I was waiting for strings to come, I was trying to use my strings for a longer time. So While I was yoyoing the string broke and I performed unleash the dog. Thank god it was my only my hitman.

so i was filming for a yoyo vid and the string got stuck under one of the shims of my fhz. So i threw hard and it popped up and it me in the eyebrow, and i started bleeding, i had to go to urgent care, I had a vid of it but i deleted. Logan and brad were there to see it lol

This didnt happen to me but its funny. OK so it was the last day of school and i was yoyoing with my dm and my friend was yoyoing with his fireball. When he was in a trick the yoyo came up and hit him in the face. He started to cry. Then another friend of mine charmed in and said he comes the cryin. Then the friend who nailed his face punched my friend who said here comes the cryin. The kid with the fireball get sent to the office for like the whole day. I was cracking up lol.

I was filming a vid once, i got a knot in the axle, and I had type 6 slick mondo my finger.

Slipped off my finger, 600$ camera - busted

I was playing with my m1 I didnt notice that I’ve got knot, threw it very strong and I hit myself in head. It was one week ago and it still hurts.

I was in my room trying to do Pop the Clutch with my Duncan Reflex, and when I used my other hand to tug the string from under my shoulder, (The step after getting the yoyo over your shoulder) it shot up and hit me straight in the funny bone on my elbow at light speed. I was skipping around the house rubbing my elbow for a few minutes XD

2: With my Duncan Reflex, I was trying to do Breakaway. For some reason it was unresponsive mid-way through the trick (At the part where I was supposed to tug it back) and a second later when I wasn’t expecting it it shot back at me and hit me in the head.

3: Again, I was trying to do the U.F.O with my Duncan Reflex and when I gave it a strong sleeper to the left, it shot back at me really fast and almost hit me in the gut, I evaded the yoyo because I’ve had previous experiences with this incident :frowning:

Knot + Hard Throw + Evan’s Anger Problems = Owwie = Throw yo-yo at Ground = Evan Saaaaaad.

ha, no one can beat my story.

I dislocated my knee while yoyoing =)

I got to ride in an ambulance (i was completely immobilized cause of my knee)

i got my first er trip (that i can remember)

I got morphine (this stuff is AMAZING. all the pain, gone)

screamed like a little girl when they put my knee back in.

got 6 weeks of physical threapy.

8 weeks out of gym

and finally, one year until my full recovery.

all because of a yoyo trick :-[

this topic brings me way back when.

once, i was playing with my freehand 2, doing 5a. i got a knot somehow, because i was totally new to it. i go to throw a breakaway, and it goes to the knot, i can tell it is about to hit me. so what i do is i duck down, which was a stupid move. meanwhile, the yoyo and the counterweight are spinning around like a windmill motion freely, and i look towards it, the counterweight comes around from the bottom up, and smacks me in the eye. two seconds later, it falls to the floor.

that is why you are very careful while doing 5a. sometimes, the yoyo doesn’t hit you, the counterweight does.

Haha one time I was trying to get Plastic Whip with my Speeder and I tried to throw it around and it responded and hit my knuckles so hard I think I heard a crack. I’m not sure if it was the yoyo or my fingers, but they were both OK. So I guess it just hit so hard it made a crack noise.

Oh and another time I was doing Boomerang and I missed the string and it hit me in the eye. Not too bad an injury, but just thought I put this one down.

Um, at a local event, I was doing some street yoyoing with a crowd of like 5 people watching. I then attempted to throw the yoyo UFO style and swing it around my body like a lasso (a trick I have practiced a lot and never had any problems) Turns out there was a knot, and thwacked my self in the side of the head. The crowd loved it.