Yoyo Accident STORY

Who Knew ? If you look at the picture below, you will see my yoyo. My YoYoFactory Grind Machine 2.

Who knew that this knot can do a lot of things.

I was yoyoing, practicing a new trick I learned. My throws arent that good, so I tend to throw harder. As I practice the new trick, my yoyo slows down, I do a backspin bind. Preparing a extra strong throw. Before I throw I had in my head thinking that there was a knot there. Stupidly not listening to myself, I throw the yoyo extra strong. The yoyo spins a complete 360 degrees. Not having enough time to dodge the yoyo, I get hit at the top of my left eye near my eyebrow. For a few seconds I am in pain but not that much. As I feel the pain even more, I lay down on my bed. As it hurt, I put my hand on my forehead. Confused, thinking why am I sweaty? I removed my hand to see that it was full of blood. As I see that, I rush to the bathroom to look at the mirror and clean off my hand. There is a large bump above my left eye. It looks as if someone put a grape inside of me on my left eye. Thats how big of a bump it was. I will leave it at that. Moral of the story is, be careful when you throw. Check before you throw hard. Don’t be dumb like me and not think. Now I am more cautious with my throws.

lol, that must hurt

Happens to me all the time. After skateboarding for five years you develop a high tolerance for pain.

Yep, i pass out once because of yoyo.
but a yoyo rarely draw blood out of me now days. But still, be carefull.

I feel you man… Literally the exact same thing happened to me; got a knot, threw the yoyo hard, and it whipped up and hit right above my left eye. The only difference was that mine was with a metal GM2, not a PGM. I still have the scar to prove it.

Today I almost lost a nipple over a knot like that, one of the worst titty twisters ever. Also I bruised 2 knuckles. OUch.

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Same place for me, except it was a MMZ, and according to my mom, could have used a few stitches, but whatever. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had those moments, though my string was knotted up closer to the hand so it wouldn’t reach my face. The yo-yo was perfectly wound earlier, sat in the pocket all day, and then go to throw later only to have one of those funky knots causing the yo-yo to swing back up towards me…yes, it hurt as it yanked my finger…was a strong throw too.

I tried doing a nose grind. Don’t do it man…

Thats kinda cool actually.
i remember watcing a vid where shean perez doing forehead grind using aquarius.

Im going to try the nose grind.

5 stitches on the bridge of my nose. Read the text under my pic.

I wasn’t there for ten minutes and you almost made me have to get stitches in the same place.


exact same thing and place here. except it was a DMII

Agreed (even thought I haven’t touched my board in years…ankles can’t handle it anymore)

Pics or it didn’t happen! ;D And I got hit below the belt with a nice pointy M1… at full speed. :stuck_out_tongue: And the bad thing is… it kinda scooped as it came up. ::slight_smile:

I don’t think we need pics of that one…

I used to skate. Then I broke my ankle. Thanksgiving Day 2009. Same week my principal illegally skipped me to seventh grade. And she got fired at the end of the year. I don’t believe in coincidences…

And shins. Always hitting your shins, mine were constantly bruised.

dont even get me started…