stupid yoyo accidents

hello everyone. havent we all had some yoyoing accidents. i thought it would be kind of funny if we posted them here.

mine. hit my self in the head dismounting from trapeze.

  1. got yoyo stuck in hair doing around the world.

im pretty stupid. the yoyo gave me a buzz cut lol.

The day I got my brand new 888 I smacked myself in the chin doing Zipper. It started bleeding furiously and I got blood on my awesome yo-yo. Talk about christening in the new yo-yo. . .

I’ve gotten my hair stuck as well but I tend to not remember such things. :smiley:

Was about to do a double or nothing, missed the string as it was going around, and hit the big light bulb on my fan. It cracked… :o

First of all looping after you just washed your hands is a bad Idea…

Second cars ding just as easy as yoyos

Both were dinged…

Dejavu. xD

Used a trick to release string tension for too long and the yoyo went flying… it was an 888, i was sad that night…

i was doing 5a meltdown destroyed my light and mande the power go out then got hit IN the eye with the cw

Just the other night I was dumb and put my yoyo away with a knot thinking I’d remember… Well the next day I went to show off and tried to throw a hard sleeper and smacked myself in the jewels…

ooooooooooo thats bad. today i hit myself in the elbow 4 times because i had a knot in my string and hit my head 2 times for same reason. I need some protection from injuries.

i once had a knot and didnt know, so i go to throw a trapeze and hit myself in the temple… HARD!!! i was on the ground for a few minutes seeing stars.

did a bad bind once and smack myself in the eye, worst part left a mark of the yoyo.

if i had a nickel for every time something like that happened to me… you get the point.
but the other day my friend wanted to see a boomerang and i hit myself in the face-wait for it- TWICE.
and another time my friend wanted to try to do an around the world with my yoyo and forgot to tighten the string after putting his finger through the slip not and it broke a window and my xcon

i got a knot in my superstar and i flung back up and hit me in the mouth and i bit through my lip

this happened yesterday, me and my classmates can bring yoyos, so we were playing with them while a friend was his time trying hit our pricnepals. He was using yoyofactory boss

yo man dont talk about friends braking your yoyos.

this fag broke 1 no 2 no 3 no 4 of my brand new yoyos that I just got a week ago. one of them he stole from me hid t in the woods waited a week than brought it out saying it was his. than when he gave it back to me the brake pads were out he took out the axle and striped it so the yoyo would work. I hate that kid.

My Sunset hit me right in between the eyes and it gave me some sort of cut broose.

I was doing boomerang and hit myself in the chin, Dang it hurt!

Doesn’t sound like a friend to me. Sounds like someone who need a swift kick to the junk.

hes not a friend and I wish I could. what I really want to do is break his DM.
show him I can be a fag to if i want. although they say be he bigger person.