stupid yoyo accidents

Lol I did a counterweight aerial. OH MEH GAIH!
Lol my dark magics axle is bent now WTF

happened to me once. now i always undo knots before putting it in my pocket.

well it seems that boomerangs are a bad trick to do in public before you practice it a lot. tonight i got my yo-yo stuck in my hair. tried spirit bomb. failed at the jump part. cant seem to get it out of my jewfrow. :’( it stings…

i accadentally ate my 888 lol

i was learning mcbride roller coaster and did the world tour when my kickside got stuck in the ceiling fan. And hit my self in the head doing the behind the back trapeze in leg wrap trap.

my friend was playing with his New Breed and hit his tooth, and he had to go to the dentist and get it repaired

I want your broken yoyo’s! I will give you something for them. Just pm me telling me what they are.

Ok I hit myself in the noggen with my Wedgie. Big knot on the side of the head. Hurt too! lol

me too and i was throwing a hard sleeper to do a long combo