Worst time your string broke...

This thread has probably been done before but not recently, so…

Today I was coming back from NYC and I got on the wrong train and ended up having to kill an hour at the station… of course I started doing a bit of yo’ing. On the very first throw, the string broke and the yo-yo went flying and landed down onto the train tracks. Granted, it’s only my yyf Velocity, not my Superstar or anything, but still… I had to go and get it. It was weird having to jump down there and climb back up… plus, now what was I going to do for an hour?

Worst time ever! What’s yours?

Does half-breaking count?

I was doin some 2a in my school’s tech office (which had several people and thousands of dollars of equipment inside) and one of the two strands snapped. Could have been MUCH worse though.

apparently I “almost killed the cat”…

HAHAHA thats funny as a funny thing, I launched a el cheapo toys are us yoyo over a couple of houses breaking a window, trying to do some looping

Does putting a hole in the wall count? ;D ;D ;D

My string has never broken on a throw before. The closest i got was with my DragonFly. I was using the same string for 2 weeks and after a throw i decided to replace it. When i took the old string off, i pulled it very lightly and it pulled apart very easily. I was one throw away from it flying off.

at school…banged on the concrete and rolled down two flights of stairs…

String snapped, Peak flies onto hardwood floor, the yoyo spins across the room, and has a tiny scuff. :stuck_out_tongue: CLYW anodizing FTW!

i tryed looping through my legs and i hit myself (yes there). :’(

what does that have to do with a string breaking?

I think he was thinking of the worst yoyo injuries post that’s up right now.

Yoyoing in Walmart, string broke and rolled right into the middle of an aisle and some lady almost slipped on it. phew

and to the thread starter, glad you didn’t get hit by the train! Sounds pretty dangerous.

Middle of a show. Snapped at the high arc of a leg wrap, just grazed my hair, hit the gym ceiling and exploded.
Actually it was pretty epic and got over my safety speech pretty well

Lol! :smiley:

Me, when I was a newb, I was messin with my Duncan Freehand, and it snaped! I wanted to see how fast I could pull off around the worlds, and the string snaped and cam inches from hitting the window! Instead, it hit the frame of the window, causing no damage to the window, but one heck of a ding on my FH. I know this isn’t about string breaking, but if fits into yoyo accidents. I snuck up from behind, and did walk the dog on my dad’s hair with my FH when he was sitting down watching my bro play baseball, and it got caught in his hair! He itmediatly freaked out and grabed his head, felt the yoyo, and pulled it off with all his hair caught in is, leaving behind a grusum bald spot that even blead a little. (I felt bad.) After he got mad at me, I checked my yoyo and it had his hair in it including his hair folicals. The next day we both laughed about it. Lol! :smiley:

-James Reed!

i got a new eneme and after 30mins of using it the string broke went flying and did a giant dent to my wall. i immeditaly grabbed the yoyo and i had a big white spot on the rim i was freaking out. then i tryed rubbing it off and it was paint from the wall lol :slight_smile:

I was trying to break my old record of around the worlds in a parking lot at wal-mart. So I threw it as hard as I could and the string snapped. the throw flew about 60ft into the air and smashed onto the concrete about 250ft away… I walked over, picked it up, put a new string on it and tried again… Needless to say I broke my old record ;D

my one was when i was in a talent show and my string broke and it flew into the crowd :frowning:

Hmm… Yeah it happened… 2 weeks ago I think… I was waiting for my project’s paint to dry, decided to do some yo-yoing… So I threw a breakaway… And the string of my FH2 snapped in the middle of the string :o It had a ding (dropped on tar) almost lost the sidecaps and weight rings and even the yoyo because I was yoyo-ing next to a drain :-[

i send my genesis across my house, not too bad.
the wierd thing is, only one side got dinged (lots of them), and the other half clean. on that time.

I was playing with my Bassalope… The string broke… The yoyo runs around my room…
But no scratch…

My Loop 720… My I was doing around the world… The string broke… The yoyo hits the ceiling and leave a crack…