Worst time your string broke...

Well, mines not so bad. I was practiving freestyle outside with my hatrick. At the time I was practicinf forward passes directly into fingure grinds. Well those forward passes put a lot of stress on the string. It snapped, sending it flying towards a BRICK wall. Those was are worse than conrete because all you have to do is touch 'em and you yoyo is scratched. Well, thank me lucky stars it didn’t make contact, and instead landed in the garden. I swear 3 more inches and she would of been scrap.

I was at band practice w/ my Dash right after I got it. I don’t remember what I was doing but I do remember the yoyo snagging and flying back to my hand. The string snapped right by the slipknot and I almost knocked both of my guitarists out w/ it. LOL!!!

I believe it was the second day after getting my Lunatic. I was in the checkout line at the grocery store, using the string that was included instead of my normal string. I threw a breakaway, the string snapped, went flying under the cart of the person in front of me (missing them by inches). Hit the wall in the front of the store and proceeded to roll around and around on the floor. All the employees were freaking. “What was that?” Um… I think it was a mouse with a semi-auto rifle… ::slight_smile: lol

I was playing with my sili Dert (most of probably don’t know what that is) while my wife ws teaching her fitness class. Hit the hardwood floor and just kinda sung as it back spun all the way across the floor. Then it hit the wall which is a concrete block wall. I cringed because it was a Sili Dert. No other yoyo I have would have made me cringe.

Umm I haven’t had a broken string in a loooong time… (Perfect fit last forever!!! They go sour before they break) but I have had a bad moment with the yoyo flying off the string.

I was in Disney World last spring break with the band. I had a Sunset Trajectory and was just looping. A girl walks up and asks me about it… She had a crazy accent… Turns out she was freaking Polish!! So Im just looping and talking to her. She was totally like intranced… Well I forgot about strin tension, and I was looping with my right hand… So after a few minutes of looping the yoyo came off the string and hit her right in the chin! MAn I felt soooooooo bad… She was real cool about it though… But I still felt bad

I have never broken the string, I never let the strings get so bad that they are ready to break… I change them often when I notice that they are getting dirty or just look old.

Mainly because, a lot of my yoyo time is at work when it’s dead… I work in an electronics store. If my yoyo goes off and slams a flatscreen TV I am so screwed it’s not even funny…

My district manager will find out I play yoyo at work and I’ll have to pay for a new TV and get chewed out… Something I don’t want to have to deal with…

So remember, play like a pro! Change strings often.

I would have started to cry :’(

And Russ needs to make another run of Derts ASAP!

I got my brand new DV888 and I put the string on that came with it. On the fifth throw the string broke and it hit the side-walk. Luckily the yoyo only had 1 ding.

my cousins yyf boss we were yoyoing while my dad and uncle were fishing on the 50 footer we were all the way on top when i threw down the yoyo string snaPPed and went in the ocean… unretrevable
nuff said :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’(
I I O Ued him 85 bucks fml

well the worst i’ve ever had with a string snap was it snaped and flew across the room(not to bad) but once i had a tight bind and threw a break away and it hit me in the bridge of my nose(oww) >:( then i got really ticked at my yoyo(such a nerd i am)

The worst time for me, was when I was showing somebody yo-yo tricks in a store parking lot, then I did an around the world on my Yomega Brain and it came off the string, hit the side of the store, bounced on the sidewalk, and it almost hit the person’s nice vehicle, thankfully it didn’t. A few days later it broke around the nut, but a I got another one to replace it.

All I thought about was GET THE YO-YO! lol

I used to work/throw in an electronics store as well… never hit TVs or customers though… Guess I’m just lucky. No more chances though - I just got 100 pack of Alchemy string. 8)