Cotton strings?


Hey guys, I just ordered a LOVEJOY from TMBR and I realized I more or less know nothing about cotton strings for a wood yoyo. What kind should I get? And if someone could PM a cheap place to get some from I’d really appreciate it. Also, how often should I change strings on these things?

Btw if anyone has a surplus of cotton strings I’d happily take some off your hands.


Regarding to when you need to change the string, just change it when it gets worn out.

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Standard Type 8 Cotton will be just fine. As for PMing you a cheap place to get them…just scroll up. You’ll see a large and easy-to-read logo for a store called “YoYoExpert”. Just below that is a link that says “Shop”.

Those are the folks paying for the space for you to ask this question…so, probably your best bet for buying the answer, too. :wink:


cotton 8, or 9 are my favorites. I find a more consistant product from cotton 9 then 8. I seem to get string that is really loosly wound or with other random (I hesistate to say) problems. When I look for string I look for consistantcy more then anything else, I can adjust to anything as long as it is consistant.


Is there a difference between white and colored string for throwing a wood yoyo? I also was wondering what kind of string is the cotton string here on YYE, since its not listed in the description


If it’s plain cotton you’re referring to, I’ve always found that the dye they use stiffens the string and makes it less durable (wears faster). I also use slick 8 (50/50 cotton/poly) on some of my loopers. There the colors seem to be just as durable as the plain white.


50/50 will melt on a wood yoyo right?


Ehhh, NO, I’ve never had a problem w/it melting. Unless you have a really super strong throw, neither will you.

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Get that in white.
Or in color, but cotton always feels bet to me when it’s nice and plain. Nothing like that cellulose-on-cellulose action. Enjoy the journey.


I just got in some 50/50 poly/cotton today and I have it on my starburst responce yoyo, fixed axle and loopers and I have no issues with melting. Can’t say anything about wood though.

Listen to Ed if you have any questions about wood yoyos though, he’s the man with fixed axle wood yoyos. I would say cotton or 50/50 is your best bet.

Also Ed, I have some good tricks for you when we meet again since I have been practicing fixed axle play.

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I used to have a whole routine for breaking in a wooden axle. It was glorious. I’ll have to film it at some point, if only for posterity.


I have run out of cotton strings for use with my woodie, does it matter much if I use polyester string? I can’t actually buy any cotton string where I am.

I’ve been thinking about making some cotton string for quite a while but I’m a little unsure where I would start.


I would love to see this.


poly string - Try it and see. May affect response a bit though.

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Russells and Technics I assume?
My routine for my EH axles is basically a few minutes of sanding the length followed by some pull-throughs and a few minutes of 30s sleepers. Same for no jives mostly. TMBR axles just need so little work.
Would love to see your routine.