Types of cotton string?

What is the difference between the regular and type 10 strings on yoyoexpert? I am about to buy a bunch to use with a legend wing and traditional shaped wooden yoyo from yoyofactory, and want to know what would work best.


Thickness, regular or Type 8 has eight threads Type 10 has ten and is a bit thicker. Type-10 is the bulk cotton of choice for modern-responsive play. Slick-6 is a 50/50 poly cotton blend with three of each threads. There is also some Type-9 cotton out there as well.


So it would work fine with wooden imperial shaped yoyos too?

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Type-8 will have better spin times, Type-10 will be more responsive, but yes they will both work and are recommended for your wooden throws. The black and yellow blends are similar to the old Playmaxx Bumblebee strings.