which string

which string is good for 2a?
i got a few chaos string from my friend but im not sure if i want to use them for 2a
so can anyone tell me which type of string i should use

Cotton is a very responsive string, so it is good if you have a whole lot to go around because it wears fast.

Also, I suggest any type 8 string, particularly Type 8 50/50.


anything good about type 6 50/50 or 100% polyester

Well, for looping you want a really responsive yoyo. Type 8 is better than type 6 for looping, because it is thicker, so it is more responsive. Type 6 50/50 or 100 poly is for 1a play, because it’s less responsive.

yeah you want the string to be thick, so that it has that little bit more responsiveness to it, you kno. in not saying slick 6, wont work you will just like the results of a thicker string more…

depends on the yo-yo. in siliconed sunsets or loop 720’s, i really like highlights. i prefer slick 8 in raiders. if you’re playing wood, cotton is certainly the call.

what about regular sunsets

i haven’t played stock ones since highlights came out, honestly. i used to use slick 8 in the white ones i originally had. that was fine, but i didn’t really experiment with them.