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What kind of type 6 string should you use with your plastic and metal yoyos? 100% Polyester or 50% Polyester/50% Cotton or perhaps some other? What are the benefits of both strings?

I like 100% poly better because when you break it in, it becomes very soft and provides great slack.
BUt 50/50 is good too. It holds a loop great and actually makes your yoyo more unresponsive.
eXAMPLE. I was using my freind x-convictr and it had a mondo on it. I gave him a 50/50 and it became completely unresponsive. It was responsive with the mondo. Weird huh?
Cotton isn’t really for string tricks. Well I shouldn’t say that, but i don’t like it.
It burns your finger when in fast paced tricks, or when you are touching the string a lot.
I prefer it for looping. Other than that its still good.
It doesn’t matter if you use a plastic or metal, all will work the same.
It’s truly your preference.


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You can theoretically use any type of string. Usually for unresponsive play, you would want to use 100% polyester but some people like the feel of slick 6 or cotton.

100% polyester gives the most unresponsiveness but is prone to heat damage when placed under extreme heat like in a car during a hot summer day. These are usually the most durable unless the string experiences heat damage.

Slick 6 (50/50) is comfortable and has the feel between cotton and polyester. I believe that this string is heavier than poly which makes it easier for whips.

Cotton is the least durable but is the heaviest which makes for great whips. They have the most friction of the three and thus is most responsive.

You can also go on these two guides here to read more about strings.

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