Types of string?

What’s the difference between slick strings and polyester? And cotton? O_O What do they affect?

tenstion, comfort, and friction theres probaly more but this is all i know :slight_smile:

Which is better for what? O_O

Slick 6s are 50/50 blends poly+cotton
Polys are polyester made
Cottons are cotton made.

Yeah they differ in friction, tension depends on the maker and the material used. Ah for the friction, they’re not in general ex. Polys are smooth, well some polys are rough. That’s what I know.
Strings also come down to preferences.

So… It’s like a “my-taste” thing and I should try all kinds? D:

Also I think it’s worth mentioning that polyester is more durable. It’s much less likely that it’ll be completely ripped. From what I understand, people usually use (Out of the blends presented, there are of course more blends like nylon and poly etc’) the 100% poly for 1A, but prefer 50\50 or 100% cotton for 2A.

yeah. Buy small packs of different kinds.

Cotton is better for looping and responsive play. Doesn’t hold a loop for suicides as well as poly but will work. It also doesn’t as long as poly’s and other blends.

Poly is usually thinner than cotton, Whips better and holds suicide loops better. Plays a lot faster than cotton too. This is the string mostly used in yoyoing today.

50/50 Like said above is half cotton and half poly. This just gives you the best of both worlds. It does lack i some areas but some people will argue that point.

I recommend YYE poly. I have found it to be the best string for me. Trust me I’ve used all kinds too. anywhere from that country’s highlights, Chaos, G-string and Toby string. Toby string is made to order and somewhat hard to get. Not impossible though.

Ah… I believe I’m using cotton 8 and polyester now. Hmm what are slicks? O_O