Polyester vs. Slick 6

Will Polyester string be more unresponsive than slick 6? Im thinking about buying some

There probably won’t be a noticeable difference.

It won’t necessarily be MORE unresponsive, however it should be unresponsive.

ok then, whats the difference besides composition if any? feel?

Polyester is kind of supposed to be smoother, but it’s mostly preference. Some people think polyester is better and some believe 50/50 is better. And to some, there’s not much difference. Like me. :slight_smile:

I personally like Slick 6 a lot better. It has a soft feel to it. Polyester is a great string also. in my opinion, a runner-up. Polyester is thick and if you miss tricks like Wrist Whip, It can hurt to pull it back up. However, the response depends all of the yoyo’s response. Whichever you prefer. :slight_smile:

In my experience, the response is the same, but the feel and play is different.

Something about poly string feels rough to me, and they feel somewhat “thicker”.
For slack and suicide tricks, they seem to not open up so well.
They just don’t work for me.

50/50s have always been great for me.
They are light, very very smooth, and they stay open for slacks and suicides very well.
They have been my string of choice for many years.

Now its really preference of course.
Many people will say that polys open up better and feel softer, some wont.

If you are trying to decide on what strings to get, try to somehow try both types.
Its a good way to figure out what strings are right for you.

Good luck!



Just tossing in my own experience. The last time I was into Yoyos, slick 6 was the bees knees. I got curious about the new polyester strings everyone was into now, so I bought some.

In my opinion, the biggest benefit of polyester is that it seems to play much better in a humid climate than the slick 6 I’ve used for years.

Some various other observations I’ve had, (keeping in mind that I’ll keep a string until it is begging to be put to death):

**slick 6 seems to have a “springiness” to it when it is fresh, like a bungie cord, polyester doesn’t do this.

**slick 6 starts out thick and kind of overly responsive, then thins out and becomes good for a period of time, then becomes really thin and so unresponsive that it makes it difficult for me to bind.

**polyester starts out unresponsive, doesn’t thin out like slick 6 does, stays in the sweet spot longer than slick 6 (for me), but it does eventually (couple days) get weirdly fuzzy and starts making the yoyo catch on multi-string layer tricks.

**my binds don’t seem to catch better with either one, but I’ve noticed with polyester that I get less of the surprise bad binds that make the yoyo fly back at your face.

So obviously my vote goes towards polyester, but that’s only my experience. I live in a humid area and my currently most used yoyos are yoyojam dark magic and yoyojam hitman. Your experience may vary.

In my opinion, I like Nylon. But of these two 100% poly.

My palms tend to get very sweaty so I have to change 50/50 every 10 minutes. Polester seems to hold slacks and suicides better for me. After about 30 minutes of play for me, 50/50 tends to loosen binds while 100% poly lasts a TON longer and always has a nice return.

BUT 50/50 seems to flow better on my fingers after a few minutes of breaking in. Polyester seems to hurt more when doing Eli Hops and such.

Right now I use 50/50 because I got like 500 for free…

i wouldn’t worry about it too much becuase your experience will be different, eventually you’ll try both. Not only do slick and poly have different feels but i also find that dyed string of the same type compared to the white version of it, have different feels as well

o and i prefer poly, seems to whip better for me and just last a little longer in general, both play great and will work fine

also if your a looper i highly recommend slick 6 or 8 string