Slick 6 to Polyester



I am used to Slick 6 string. Going to Polyester, what would the differences be?

(Infinite Chaos) #2

I find I love the feel of it. Smoother, less burn, holds its tension well. Depending on experience, it may even last a fair bit longer than the slick 6. It really comes down to personal preference so buy like a 10 pack and try it out for yourself. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Thank you.



thinner, less friction (in yoyo & against skin), doesn’t stretch as much over time


difficulty returning to your hand in wide gap yos, doesn’t hold a hoop well for suicides, doesn’t whip well

All my opinion of course. I went from slick 6 to 100% polyester then back to slick 6. Slick 6 just plays better for me and my giant gap yoyofactory yos. I would use polyester for thin gap yos.


I agree too much. Thank you sir!


were those the positives and negatives for slick 6 or poly?
I use alchemy a lot. it lasts a long time and doesnt change much in play as it wears out like poly does. Poly isnt good for whips wehn it is worn, it is just too light.


Oops, yeah those were pos/neg for poly. I assumed since the original poster was familiar with slick 6 he would know I was talking about poly. I can see where it wasn’t clear.

I agree with what you’ve added, though I’ve never used alchemy.