Ok a real question now...

String string string… When I ordered my dm and speed maker, I got some white slick 6. Partially because it was cheapest and partialy because I heard it would “slide” on your fingers better than polyester. I do 1a intermediate tricks and I would like to try offstring. Did I make the right choice? And do people only get 100% poly for it’s variety in color or it’s strength?

well there is no right choice if you like what you got then great. But if the string you got you didnt like it order a few packs of polyester and slick 6 in the 5 packs and see what you like best. Some people like poly because some say it last longer others just like the feel of it and some it just works good for them.

Well poly will come with the yoyos so I can compare… ::slight_smile:

The best thing to do is to try the largest variety of strings that you can. The more string you try, the better feel you will get for what works best for you.

Sigh.no matter what I’ll be stuck with 100 slicks so I’ll make due. Besides as long as it better than the crappy Duncan cotton strings from 1994 that I bought at some random store in Maine…

you will love slicks they feel really good on you finger i actually just order some today the just feel good especially for fast tricks

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Awsome great superb astounding encouraging AMAZAZING, thanks ;D ;D

Lol, there are some players who prefer a 50/50 blend over regular polyester. Our very own forum experts Jayyo and Samad come to mind.

well i prefer pure poly because it’s very durable and i like the feel of it better than the slick 6. the slick 6 string is also recommended for beginner player and intermediate tricks. if i were you i would buy a 5 pack of pure poly to see which one you like better. if you don’t like either of them, you could buy some other string on other sites:
Gator Floss, Angel Hair, etc…
If any of those are not what you’re looking for, many players on these forums make their own string. the players here have a great variety including strings that are 50/50 poly/nylon.
like i said before, all you have to do is look around to see what works best for you

Personally i get polyester because it is more slick than 50/50.

it is also easier to get knots out of the string any it does slide more on my opinion:)