which strings to buy


Hi Guys,
I am still quite new to yoyo. i have got a legacy and i am starting to learn advanced tricks.
i dont know which type of strings to buy tho.
i bought 100 strings the other week, i think i got type 10 but i seem to be going through atleast a string a day. can you guys help and advise me what are the best type to get.
sorry if there is not enough info here, its my first time at posting a message.

(JonasK) #2

I think the most used string is 100 percent polyester strings. You can get them in packs of five or bulks of hundred at this site. If you are quite new to yoyoing, slicks or 100 percent polyester would work out fine. I personally use white slick 6 and change my string atleast once a day.

Type 10, that sounds thick. If I am not wrong that is 5x2 strands. Is it cotton, slick or polyester? And there is nothing wrong in changing string every day.

(Mark) #3

I would get type 6 string. The material type of string is dependent on your preference.


I prefer 100% polyester strings as these last the longest and are the most unresponsive type of strings.


Thanks for the help guys. what are slick strings though ???
I think mine are cotton but i could be wrong

(JonasK) #6

Slick strings are a combination of cotton and polyester, also called 50/50 strings. As the name might tell you, it’s 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Slicks will probably last shorter than 100 poly, but they are a bit softer. And it is just preference. But I think the majority of yoyoers use 100 poly.

If you use cotton strings, you will probably burn through them fast. Some people use cotton strings though. Wood axle players like Ed use cotton strings because polyester will melt on the axle. But if you are playing something else than fixed axle (which I think you do), buy some slicks and some 100 polys. Then you can see what kind of string you like the best.


Usually, there are many different varieties of string. You will first notice about the string is the material. In most occasions, cotton will be a horrible choice for you because it breaks easily and doesn’t last as long. We recommend you use either 100% Polyester Strings, or 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester string. They last longer, and are better for doing the new style of complex string tricks shown here at YoYoExpert. If you want to buy string, check here: You can buy in both 5 packs, and 100 packs: http://yoyoexpert.com/product/expert/string/

Also, if you want strings that last much longer, contact Jeromy Kasner, or ape7566. Just PM him, I’m sure he will sell you a bunch for a low price!