Im trying to find a good string… any suggestions?


thanks i’ll check it out

I like polys! ;D

It really depends upon what you want…

If you’re playing responsive, or nothing too quick, then some Cotton string might be good for you. If you’re into unresponsive play, and want something soft and supple, I recommend some 100% Polyester. 50/50 is another good idea. What I recommend is ordering a small amount of each (like a ten pack) and seeing what works best for you.

Personally, I like Highlights and Alchemy String, both are 100% Polyester.

I’ve played yellow slick-6 since I started yo-yoing, I love it, it feels good and lasts quite a long time in my hands.


Whats the different between different strings?

This thread was answered a while back…

Anyway, the main difference between strings is the material they’re made of. The most common ones I believe are 100% Cotton, 50/50 Cotton and Polyester mix, and 100% Polyester. There are also some people who sell string independently in the forums who use mixes of other materials like Nylon and Polyester.

The material they’re made of also affects how they play. Some strings are really great at maintaining string tension for suicide-type tricks. Others are more bouncy, and great for slacks or whips.

Hope this answered your question :slight_smile:

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try mine. bling string. 90% poly 10% special blend. they are smooth and soft, and last longer than highlights

same here

Get some angel hair! it lasts weeks!