What's your favorite yoyo string type, and why?

Cotton, cotton/polyester blend, or 100% polyester.

Tell me your favorite and why.

I’m curious because I had hella trouble binding with my new DarkMagic yoyo as I noted in a different thread, and the string was a slick 6, which I think is a cotton/poly blend, but I had an extra yoyo that came with one of my old yomega gamma brain yoyo, and it’s a bit thicker… I’m thinking it’s 100% polyester, and it seems to bind so much better while keeping my DM unresponsive.

So, what’s your string of choice and why? Feel free to add other details like brand names that you recommend. Thanks for posting!

I like the feel of slick 6, but I don’t use it because they get really sticky when it’s cold or humid. I use 100% polyester now because they can withstand humidity longer.

Ah, thanks for posting. Noted for future reference.

I like my own strings, about 40% Nylon 60% Cotton. Definitely not the best strings, but I like using them because I made them, because they are heavy (easy hooks), and because they are slick on the hands. The problem is the cotton. Once there is a knot, the string dies. No hope of recovery, unlike poly strings.

If i don’t have time to make them, 100% poly.

I like Alchemy String best at the moment. I find it whips alot easier and find doing tricks like brent stole alot easier with it. WHen i first got my general-yo 5 star ver 2 it came with G-string Intentus and i found it very hard to whip into a brent stole. Just could not whip it hard enuff. soon as i put a alchemy on it though i could land it just about every time. The thing is Alchemy plays really fast because it doen’t get fuzzy so it tends to go through the air with less resistance than other stings I have played with. Sometimes slower is better thou. Like for catching suicides. I find my yyn highlights alot easier to catch suicides and I find the loop stays open a lil larger. Plus it slows it down just a tad but gives you a lil extra time to catch. so i guess it depends on what kinda tricks/style you like when choosing a string.

SO i tend to use alchemy for my 1a yoyos and yyn highlights for my 5a to slow it down a lil.

Threadz 50-50 because they last long, play awesome, and they’re cheap. 6 for 3 dollars :0 Also, because I make 'em.

I like either 20/80 nylon/poly or 50/50 nylon/poly. Pretty much any Nylon/Poly mix.

I’m currently using angel hair strings, but they seem to never have the right tension, even when i take the string off my hand, i also like 100% poly

100% Poly or any Poly/Nylon Mix.

But I really want to try out some Chaos…

YoYoNation Highlights 100% Polyester Neon Green String. 'Nuff said.

Wow, thank all of you for posting. Went out today and came back to like seven posts, haha. I’ve never seen any nylon strings though… Anyone have link to where they’re bought? If so, that’d be nice. I wanna take a gander at them. I’m thinkin’ that 100% poly would be nice, but I’ve yet to get ahold of nylon… I assume slick 6 is cotton?

Similar to rsmod, I feel good using my Elements because I make tem.

Slick 6 is 50% cotton 50% polyester. And my favorite strings right now are Highlights. But I am getting some g-string in the mail so that might change within the next couple of days.

Every time someone says ‘g-string’, I giggle insanely, but alright. Seems poly 100 or poly-nylon is the fav.

I never would have guessed that from the way you typed that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also like to use some home-grown strings (From the tree in the backyard, duh ;)) which I think are technically 50 50 but I’m not sure. I like them because they are smooth and soft.

i use my own string its 10 ply 100%ploy (not a thick as u would think)