favorite yoyo string

what are your favorite brands and colors of yoyo string

I like Chaos 422’s. Yellow’s and Greens preferable.

I like orange Alchemy strings and lime green 100% poly. :wink:

good old nation 100% poly highlights, I love the green and the orange.

mine and yyn highlights, lime green,yellow,blue

Gator floss and Gstring are where it’s at

Yoyofactory Polyester strings and slick Polyester.

Hey I just started trying the alchemy string but the knot for the finger loop comes out easily because the string is so slick… have you noticed that?

I have the exact same problem, also my slipknot doest hold at all, threw away my yoyo a couple of time cause of this, I don’t use these strings anymore…

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I really like the alchemy strings. Had the same problem with the string not staying tight on my finger. I now do a “double” slipnot. I feed the string through the slipnot, and rather than putting that loop around my finger, I feed the string through the newly created loop and put my finger in that loop. (make sense? couldn’t think of a way to word that any better, sorry). It kinda makes the slipnot tighter. I currently only have blue alchemy…will be getting something brighter next yoyo order. Gstrings are awesome as well…both seem to last FOREVER!!


YoyoGString Higbee PX - it’s like playing with a nice solid piece of rope. Feels great! String has so much body to it. (You need a fat gap tho.) The crazy bright color I got I wasn’t too keen on at first, but as it wears in the color kindof mixes and it looks better and better. Lasts forever and unlike any other string i’ve tried.

I’ve been doing the same thing but still kind of afraid it would come out mid-trick, but I’m glad to hear that it’s been working for you, so…

I like SUPA Strings. (My strings).
They’re super soft and have never broken.

Thanks man, i tried the double slipknot with my alchemy strings, and now it stay’s put, you just saved me 100 strings, cause i wasn’t gonna use them anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

100% polyester yoyosam yoyo string. Purple.

You sound just like me :stuck_out_tongue:

I like Chaos 422s as well, but as soon as my G-Strings (in various formats) get here, maybe that will change. I’ve seemed to take more of a liking to polys, but I’ve been most satisfied with Alchemy. I’m still trying to figure out, though, why I seem to be the only one on Earth whose Alchemies don’t slip off their finger.

Secret and premium sick string. Whatever colors he sends me. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Duncan 100% poly (for some reason they NEVER break), YYF 100% poly, Gator floss, Gstring

it is the best string ever!!!

my favorite will allways be yye 100% polyester strings.
1-because im 6’0ft tall and they are the perfect length for me.
2-holds a loop like no other imo.
3-comes in a color that makes all my yoyos look good.PURPLE!!!
keep up the good work yoyoexpert. ;D
p.s.g-strings are good too.
^^this smily face looks like a bald andre’.lol