yoyo string ANSWER QUICK

Hey, I was just wondering what brand of yoyo string and what mix is good. there was one vid I saw
(one year ago an old man got a yoyo) and I liked the orange one is that a good type of string?
also is yoyo experts string good? Please respond fast because Im geting my new DM really soon

It takes a lot of different string types to figure out what’s right for you. I don’t mind the Poly’s here, but they last me like 1 hour.

I recommend trying as many as you can, but these are some of my favorites.

Paolo’s Element Strings (PM him)
Brian’s Strizangs (PM him)
Alchemy not gonnna link to this, but do a google search for alchemy yo-yo string.

There are various types of yoyo string. They are not defined by the color but by how they are made and what materials are used. If you want pure unresponsive play, I would go with something polyester, nylon or a mix.

I think at your level, YYE strings should be fine but as you get more into yoyoing, you will find a favorite string. There are also gstrings, Perfect Fit strings, YYN Highlights, Angel Hair, Alchemy String, and more.

Here is a string guide from YYN. Sorry YYE but I think this guide is quite extensive.


This is a good guide to help you get started on what string you may like to start with.

why cant you buy neon g string on g strings site

i make great string. 90% poly 10 % nylon. it feels great and plays smooth. pm me if you are interested.