YYE, Alchemy, Yoyogstring or Angel Hair strings?

Okay I am sure that a lot of threads are made for strings and questions about them. I am wanting to post up several types here with a description and for those of you that have tried them out maybe give me some feedback on what you thought of them.
( descriptions from yoyoguy.com)

Ok Angel Hair

A new string we are bringing to the market. This one is very strange. When you get it it’s stiff like plastic. Heck it feels like fishing line. It’s so stiff in fact that at first you will have a hard time keeping the loop on your finger. But play with it, break it in. This string needs a little love before it will love you back. When it breaks in it will loosen up and become and amazing player. It holds a loop for whip catches like nothing we’ve ever seen, it’s slick, it’s fast, and it’s great for keeping a yo-yo at a zero response level. Here is the real kicker. The guys at Infinite Illusions have been playing with this stuff for about a month now. Their strings are lasting not hours, not days but weeks. As usual your mileage may vary, but try this string. We think you’ll love it, and do expect it to take a while before it breaks in. It is worth the wait. You must know how to do a bind to take advantage of this string.

This string is similar to Angel Hair string in the way it needs to be broken in, but it breaks in faster, and it’s smooth, slick and strong.
Available in many very bright colors. Purple, Green, Orange, Yellow, White and a Pink with a hint of Orange.

Yoyogstring ( description from yoyogstring.com )

yoyoGstring is the premier handmade yoyo string. With over 3 years of hand crafted experience, bundles of G-String sold to players worldwide and more than 150,000 G-Strings personally twisted I am confident you will find the yoyoGstring that is right for you. Everyone from the complete beginner to seasoned player can enjoy yoyoGstring.

Unmatched performance along with high quality materials in its construction truly set yoyoGstring apart. Each string is handmade with care and attention to detail at a level that is seldom seen in todays world of factory floors and foreign mass production. Don’t buy a yoyo string that is mass produced. With yoyoGstring you truly do get what you pay for.

And then www.yoyoexpert.com strings

Good Yo-Yo string is essential if you want to get the most out of your yo-yo. Luckily we have come a far way from the basic cotton strings your grandfathers had. All string is sold in packs of 100. For looping tricks and beginner to intermediate string tricks YoYoExpert Recommends Slick 6 and for more advanced string tricks the 100% polyester - but a lot of times everyone has their own preference so find what works for you.

Ok so which do you all prefer I currently use yoyoexperts but they only last me like a good hour of play and thats it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dark blue 100% poly from yoyosam. i wanted to get some g-string but they seem to be pretty expensive. i run my string for a few hours a day and the poly lasts for days.

I prefer Intentus G Strings. I play Alchemy string, once it is broken in this is EASILY my favorite string. Never tried Angel Hair. YYE Twisted is what I have for my 100% Polys. Highlights are pretty good too.

I hate all string that isn’t 100% poly. Honestly all I have right now is YYE string. Don’t think I need anything else.

I have to say, Alchemy is a dang fine string. Probably my favorite right now. But honestly, with string, you can’t go wrong, they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

I usually only use poly butI have some angel hair and alchemy

I have never tried G-String, but out of the three I have tried, I prefer Alchemy, once they have broken in. I didn’t really like Angle Hair all that much. Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but not that great. As for 100% Poly, it’s right behind Alchemy.

I dont care. My yoyos work with any string, and they don’t seem to work differently yet.

Not saying you are wrong here but, when I had my Maverick I played it exclusively with Alchemy, whatever Alchemy is made of is a thin and I mean THIN thread, so a type 6 of Alchemy is going to be notably smaller than type 6 polys (at least Highlights and YYE polys). This helped me manage a more unresponsive feel while breaking in the response of the Maverick. I miss that thing, now I’m sad :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry to slightly break topic and to be honest being pretty new to the game my opinion may not count for much but I have been using hamstrings (available from ebay in some pretty awesome colours), I think they are type 6 and seem to be really strong, they don’t take a massive amount of wearing in and they seem to increase the sleep time of any yoyo I put them on by at least 10 seconds.
like I said I’m new and fairly inexperienced but maybe some of you guys could test them out and see what you think…

10 seconds is nothing. Thats neglegible. Its probably because the string creates less friction which means binds will be slippy.

when I’m using a stock 201 an extra 10 seconds feels like an eternity, plus they make some real pretty colours

In my opinion Fast 201 is one of the worst yoyos still for sale. I recommend investing in a Kickside or a Lyn Fury.

Yeah to be honest I wasn’t planning on sticking with the 201 for long, I have some stuff to sell on ebay and then I plan on investing in a Lynn fury, a kickside, a protostar, a pigment and a dark magic 2. I know it seems like a long list but I’m indecisive and they are all a lot cheaper than the YYF skyline which is the yoyo that I would give my left arm for.

You won’t be sorry.