Favorite string


Sure. People are always saying what their favorite yoyo is. But about the object that’s connected to your finger?

My favorite string, Kitty String


Standard YYE poly. Yup. OL’ skoo’


I’m really digging my homemade string. Was making them similar to fuzzy toxics, but have settled on ones that are closer to alchemy’s. They are really slick and last forever. I’m not good enough at slacks or suicides to really comment there, but they seem decent enough for what I’m able to do.


whats wrong with my post for favorite string on nov 13


There is nothing like personalized home-made string.

(Jei Cheetah) #6

We didnt like it, problem?
100% standard poly.
Nothing else needed.



I’m surprised I’m the first to say this, but I think that the string is determined by the yoyo not the player. I use different types for different throws. I use a G-String for my OD 54, I use a Toxic for my Deitz, and the standard YYF Green string for my protostar. I have several different kinds and types of strings and when I get a new yoyo I try all different types and styles and thickness to see which “feels” the best with that throw then I stick with it.


Whatever is poly, not white, and relativly tightly wound

Ilike to try Kevlar too


Slim Kitty string is my favorite. I also like chaos 422 alot. I would use the regular 100% poly here on yoyoexpert but it is about 15" to short for me so I had to look eslewhere to find longer string. I have tried making my own string as well but I cant find any polyester bundles at the moment.

(WildCat23) #10

Yes, there is!! MORE!!


Oh yea… I wanna make some flow in the dark too

(G2 Jake) #12

Love the new proto string toxic is making!


I love me my chaos 622! (thanks sladeriggs!!)


all twisted stringz are awesome


Thin String!!! It’s amazing!!!


my own homeade string. similar to highlights but is a bit slicker and lasts alot longer ;D


G-String, and not just for yoyos…


^ lol

I like type 10 hamstring the best, but I generally just use whatever. I would probably use just hamstring, but I’ve gotten so much string through trades, and I’ve bought 200 yye strings, I figured I’ll wait until I go through all of that before I buy some.

homemade can be pretty good too. last couple I’ve made have turned out amazing.

(Bína) #19

I use Graou Thin in all my yo-yos. Tried Ham string, Chaos 422, KItty, Highlight, Graou is just best match for me.


Snack Time String