Best yoyo string

What is the best yoyo string?? Yoyo string lab? Toxic strings? Yoyoexpert’s Expert string?

The Cheapest Highlights from yoyoexpert. It is all the same to me, it is like generic vs. high end brand name things. While using it you get the satisfaction of knowing you are using some of the best of the best, but it is not really worth the crazy amounts string goes for these days. Yoyoexpert highlights no question. I just found that they are not always consistent depending on color; OPne time I got orange and it was very sticky almost like it is humid, because it was really frayed when I got it. But I found yellow is always really good, and easy to see.

I’ve tried yysl type x and the expert string. I loved the yssl it was very smooth and great for whips, but the expert string was very light and frayed pretty easy. I have not tried the toxic strings but I have heard good things about them.

It’s best to try some small packs of different kinds. I always end up coming back to slick 6 cotton poly, but you might like something different.

I have to respectfully disagree with dingo54: to me, string type makes a big difference in play. I got completely hooked on Chaos 422 string (nylon/polyester blend); it lasted a long time, played with this great stiff tension, had just the tiniest little bounce on the throw, and feels unique.

Recently my 20-pack of Chaos 422 ran out after about a year, and every string I’ve tried since then has fallen completely short in comparison to me. I’d order more Chaos strings, but the site is down, and YYE doesn’t have the color I prefer (white).

YoYoStringLab Type X is decent. Not as stiff as I’d like (no nylon), but I generally like how it plays.

I find super-cheap polyester string no fun: too much bounce, poor play, and wears out waaaay too quickly. That said, I’ve run across a lot of yoyoists on forums and in-person who just buy cheap 100-packs and love 'em.

Try some, see if it makes a difference for you. If not, use the cheap stuff. If you’re like me, it makes a difference.

Y NOONE SAY TRY HOMEMADE!?!?!?! You can buy a spool of serger polly for less than 5 bucks and get the best string ever. Just a thought.

Normal Polyester. It is cheap, holds slacks, can do whips, and everything else.

i think someone said this before but … I would try little packs of each … I first tried YYE string… actually I started off with them and they are great!!! …

I also tried chaos and just did not like it … went back to YYE …

I tried Kitty string … (not sure which one) it was pretty good but just as good as YYE …

then I tried … TOXIC and blew my mind away (jk) it really helped me with whips/slacks… and now its my go to string …

you have to try them out to see what you like best … its personal preference … what you like might not suite to someone else’s play etc.

This truly is the most subjective aspect of yoyoing.
The simplest cotton string will do the job just fine. It just depends on what you look for in a string. Do you like it to be kinda floaty light string? or do you like it heavier and to whip really well? It’s all about preference. You will hear that a lot.
My personal favorite string is Toxic dragon string. It is the longest lasting and best whipping string there is if you ask me. Paul dang once used one single dragon string for over four months. No joke. Really everything by toxic is amazing. Even their basic string. There are lots of other great string makers though, Twisted, G string.and many others. I would recommend trading for some string with people on the bst, and just trying as many different kinds as you can.

Try them all and choose which suits your preferences.

I’m cool with plain old polyester, lasts long, slick.

I gotta say the string I make myself, or Toxic Strings. I have tried toxic, YYSL Type X, Cheap Poly, and Kitty String. Both KS, YYSL, and Poly are soft but do not whip fast enough for me. The only string I have tried that lives up to the expectations of my favorite Format of my own homemade string is Toxic. It was soft on the hands (I didn’t get any string burn) yet very whippy-everything I look for in a string. Honestly, go for Toxic…It is amazing and the best of any major string brand I have tried.

          Toxic Strings all the way. I've been buying the YYE Strings, packs of 100 for a while now and they've been hit and miss in their consistency with quality. These most recent where a blue/black/white color mix and they wore out after 10 minutes.

I just received a pack of Toxic Strings Essentials in yellow and they whip excellent, I’m have yet to change this one (for the lack of needing to :slight_smile: ) and it is quite a bit softer than those YYE strings; pretty much no string burn from the Toxics (and I’m rough on my fingers with these strings).

Go get yourself some Toxic Strings, you’ll regret not doing it sooner. ;D

Think small, expensive 5-10 packs. Most string in this category is great. Handmade string lasts much longer than Highlights and keeps bounce longer. If you pay big bucks for yoyos, why not string?

weaver strings check their facebook page out and website

I LOVE Graou strings. They last for ages and come in very attractive colors. Also, they have just the right tension to whipability ratio for me.

I personally like gstring. I have found it to be the most consistent string to string batch to batch and that is important to me because it is all about personal preference. Paul has been doing it a while and it shows. Great feel, lasts as long as anything else I have tried and it handles tension, whips and slacks great! I guess you get what you pay for and although there is a lot of good string out there in the end it is all about what you like so buy some different kinds and go have some Fun!!


Toxic dragon string,Toxic yellowjackets, Twisted kevlar, and before he stopped making them, gstrings old NOLY format(which I have stockpiled for the zombie apocalypse)

Make your own if you got the time to do it.