Best string?

Please take into consideration: strength, playability, durability, and price.

the one you like the most.

The ones that are held 50,000 feet below sea level in Nevada’s secret sting factory far below the Earths surface. They haven’t sold any due to the fact that there isn’t enough money in the U.S. to buy a single string (And they only sell in the U.S.). So we really don’t know if they’re the best we just have to take they’re word for it.

But they’re are no best strings. Just what some like and some don’t. Like take my string I love it but everyone else hates it so to me it’s the best but to others it’s far from it. (I like my strings because they’re made with love. C= )

^ Da best dare be! Also the cup is a guitar cup my dad got. (I still fail at guitar but I’ll learn to play a song some day.)

There is no best string along with no best yoyo. It’s what you like most. You might claim a specific string “oh yeah best” but another person down the street might say “bro’ that string is a sucker”.
Many factors affect the string quality and these factors are chosen to personal preference. The “best” string would be something like the most popular string chosen by yoyoers or etc.

I think 100% polyester is fine and plays great.

if there were a “best string” there would only be one, it’s a matter of preference

my favorite (in no particular order)

  • Graou strings, lasts literally forever, feels great (a little stiff)
  • Chaos 422, something else, very thin
  • HamString, somewhat “dense”, fairly thin, plays very nice
  • Gstring NOLY, a little stiff too, plays awesome, lasts very long too

all of these last very long, the longest lasting of the bunch being graou strings

My all time favorite string is polyester type 6 in neon yellow which they sell right here and my second favorite string HAM string

—Chaos strings- 422 (thin)–Great for getting long spins from your yoyo and great for combos that have lots of string layers that go against the spin of the yoyo (like a bind), tightly wound so holds slack well and tension is well handled-lasts about 3-4 days of heavy yoyoing
—Chaos strings- 622 (thick)–Absolutly wonderful for slacks. Same as 422 Chaos but abot twice as thick, still can handle lots of layers without killing the yoyo and great tension and slack because of being wound tight-lasts slightly less long than 422…about couple hours less
—Chaos strings- 102 (thin polyester)- General polyester string but with better tension
—Chaos strings- 122 (thick poly)- same as 102 but thicker, can’t handle many layers but better at slack
—Kitty string (thin)–Very soft and doesn’t mess your hands and fingers up, if you go against the spin with a couple of layers then this string will catch and bind…so not for layer tricks, most comfortable string I have–lasts about 2 days of heavy yoyoing because being soft it picks up more grime
—Toxic strings(thin(also dont know if they have a thick kind))–feels like Chaos 422 but plays diffrent…not in a bad way, its tension isnt as good as Chaos but is still good and can handle layers as well, actually a little more rough than 422 Chaos…so I recomend gloves-lasts about 3-4 days of heavy yoyoing
—YoyoExpert slick 6 poly/cotton- your standard half and half, not great but definitly not bad-lasts about 1-2 days of regular yoying
—Yoyoexpert slick 6 full poly- great intro to polyester sting, not the best but great for introduction…all the feel of polyester string to introduce a new player to polyester string-last about 1-2 heavy yoyoing days

Man thats alot of typing, my favorite is Chaos 422 and 622,but they are suited to my style. I really hope this helps, that took some time but I am glad to do it.

Toxic String ftw

Not really sure what the ftw means, just not keeping up with that stuff hehe. I got the toxic string from yoyoz in case your wondering, and I like it ok, it’s just a little to short. By about 3-4 inches

It means “For the Win”

Well…don’t I feel stupid. Thank you Mr. skeletonboy333, I feel as though I have achievied a new level of intelect, or whatever.

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Who cares about yoyo string.
Use the cheapest and what’s available.
You make the yoyoing, not the string.


Bottom line: polyester is polyester. Plain and simple. The only factor is thickness. YYE 100% poly works fine for whatever you want to do.


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I care about the string

the different strings have different feels, different yoyos have different feels, it’s fun to mix and match yoyos with strings.

it’s not because you don’t see the point that there is none.

subjective/objective stuff there, and also a matter of respect.

yoyoing is much more than just doing tricks with a yoyo, and the feel is very important to some people.

I take it like Buddha. :smiley: