Favorite String?

Simple question… whats your favorite string brand. Mine is the pro poly by magic greek inc.

I’ve only tried cotton, poly, and Chaos 422 and I have to say that the 422 rocks. It’s a little thin for the huge gapped yoyos though.

Loving the YYE slick 6 string right now

this is already a thread I think, but Angel Hair and Alchemy for me, other than that Highlights.

Airglow string, my string (snake skin string) or YoYo G-String.

I like YYE poly and my home made string.

Cheaper string: Alchemy
More expensive premium string: Chaos 422

Whatever I can get cheap I guess…
I use Chaos string right now, thats good and easy on the hands

Mirage String Baby!

AirGlow, they make really good string :stuck_out_tongue:

SnackTime Love that stuff!!

Take a wild guess. :stuck_out_tongue: (don’t answer this.)

SC Gstring

Highlights. Play awesome, last long, and cheap, what more do you want?

YYE slick string, other than that highlights

holds string tension, whippy, lasts long

I love that stuff…

I just like white 8 count 100% poly… nothing too fancy.

mine,g-sting,chaos 122,highlights,anything poly or 50-50 for that matter

Well I did like highlights but then I ordered some YYE 100% poly white and YUM!
I also like Toby String. It’s a totally great string. Stays open for suicide loops and slacks. Lasts for a long time too. A friend of mine makes it and its going to come on all of my agapes!