Your personal favorite string!


Hello fellas! :smiley:

just wondering what strings you prefer?

  • personally i like the YYF string cause its smooth.

(screamo) #2

I personally like 100% polys for whips/slacks, like dayglows or mondos, alchemies because they last really long.


Ireally like the SSE varation of yoyoGstring. Pricier I admit, but lasts 10 times longer than a regular string in my opinion


YYE poly, white


Chaos 422 is amazing. It’s perfect for me.

(Johnny rocks!!!) #6

YYE white 100% poly


Snacktime so far, but I have plenty of other kinds to try.

(yoyo jake) #8

yyn highlights or mine




Well,I like uhh… Duncan 100% poly,gator skin witch they dont make anymore :’(,and angel hair. :wink: