What is your favorite string?

Sorry for the long list.There you go,My preference is G-String SSE,PX,100% Poly and 50/50 Poly/Cotton.Whats Yours?

I’ve gone to a more back-to-basics approach. I used to love Alchemy and basically anything with a poly-nylon blend. Now I realize the beauty of standard 100% poly. Yellow poly from YoYoJoes to be exact. And G String SSE for the soft texture alone.

I use alchemy and 100% poly

You forgot AirGlow String. AirGlow is wicked. :wink: IMO, I like my own AG Poly or P.A.C series.

But other homemade string. Throwback by SnakeSkin Strings kicks but.

Buddy Jim’s Extra Crank string. :smiley:

Orange Alchemy, Green Angel Hair, Bright Green 100% Poly, and Buddy Jim’s White/Yellow Humboldt Honeys :slight_smile:

Blue slick 8 (50/50)


Where do you get kevlar? ???

General-Yo,But only for the magnums


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