What brand of string do you use?

What’s the brand of string you use? (You can vote multiple times)

Here’s mine:
YYF String
Gator Floss

YYF strings are highlights. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty confident.

I use highlights, btw.

Highlights will always be the best…

Frankly, I don’t care. Type 6 Poly is what I need, is all. Bonus points for string that’s already tied.

100% Poly YYE, Nor Cal Inspired, and my own home brew strings.

AirGlow Strings

Highlights all the way. Nothing but Highlites.

keep your yoyo spinning


I mainly use yyn highlights

Highlights are easy to come by here, in indonesia, cause my friend imported them along with yoyo.
so i mainly use highlights.

yye 100% poly

50/50 and 100% poly.

Airglow string if I’m lucky (JIM HALP)

YYE Poly, Nor Cal Inspired

YYF poly string is the best IMO.


Same for me, except I mainly use slick 8.

As I recall, except for the custom string makers, there’s only two or three companies that make yoyo string in quantity. Everybody gets it from them.

I like me some Slick 6 and Slick 8 as well. From the poll I put Gator Floss, Chaos, SnackTime and other. The “other” I’ve been using of late are Sick String by JamesofYo and DayGlo Poly (made by folks who run another store … or at least sold by those folks).

Anything type 6, 100% polyester all the way. The most balanced and most simple. You know when it’s gonna wear out and it tells you when you really need to change the string.

Gstring FTW ;D

100% white poly.

Because who needs more?