String question

(DIA) #1

I just wanted to know when i buy a yo yo what type of string does it come with?


It depends on the company. I think that YYF yoyos usually come with type 6 Poly, Slick 8, or slick 6 (randomly).

But its good to buy some extra strings with the yoyos, because the strings won’t last forever. Even if they do, they probably wont retain tension well, and won’t be good for slacks.

(Mark) #3

Slick 8? Holy Cow!

Usually the companies use type 6 string as the stock string. Materials varies with companies. Also, it is wise to change strings when they look frayed as a precaution to avoid string breakage.

(DIA) #4

What about YYJ



(D@§h!zn!t) #6

If you happen to be wondering what type of string to get, I would recommend either 50/50 or 100% poly to buy in bulk. I also hear that Perfect Fit strings and Element strings are great too.


Duncan does cotton. YYF slick 50/50. YYJ poly.